Mortal Kombat Legacy: Episode 7 Gets Over Here


Posted May 24, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

Mortal Kombat Legacy: Episode 7 Gets Over Here

Mortal Kombat: Legacy finally gets down to some hardcore Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero action. Putting one of the most necessary signature stamps on this web series, there probably isn't a rivalry that defines Mortal Kombat more than this one.

Ian Anthony Dale, fresh from last night's airing of what would be the final episode of NBC's ambitious Lost-wannabe, The Event, (which was just starting to get good,) takes center-stage as the undead skull-faced spear thrower. Of course, the "undead" part hasn't quite happened yet, as Scorpion is depicted here as Hanzo Hasashi, a fearsome warrior, leader of an ancient Japanese clan, with an idyllic family life and a son who he plans to keep away from the wars. However, the scheming of one deadly hater of his, Sub-Zero (Kevan Ohtsji) may put a damper on that, as he sets up Hasashi in a scheme that will change everything.

This is without a doubt the most of Scorpion's backstory we've seen. Check it out.

Considering that most of this episode is devoted to "dinner time at the Hasashi household," it's not exactly a tour de force of kick-ass. However, its exploration of Scorpion's pre-transformation life, which is mostly virgin territory, becomes a powerful tool in enforcing just what it is he will ultimately leave behind when he becomes the flame-skulled, toasty-dealing, death-bringer. In that sense, this more humanized version of Scorpion is clearly set-up to be a legitimate hero, unlike how we was depicted in the films, as just a mindless evil servant with cool choreography.

Clearly, we're in for an epic fight in the next part before we witness Hasashi meeting his fate, truly setting up one of the most iconic rivalries in video game history.

Did the long, destined-to-be-heartbreaking backstory of Scorpion pique your interest?

Mortal Kombat Legacy: Episode 7 Gets Over Here


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