Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Walkthrough - How To Survive Call of the Dead Zombie Mode!


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Call of the Dead

Don’t. Shoot. George.

The only reason you should ever be shooting George Romero on this map is if you happen to be going for the related achievement. If you are, prepare to spend a LOT of bullets getting there. Romero can be gunned down with conventional firepower, but it takes a lot of effort. You know he’s getting close when the blue electricity emanating from his weapon turns orange. Alternatively, you can get rid of him by shooting him twice with an upgraded V-R11. He never goes away forever though — he’ll come right back out of the water a few rounds later to ruin your day again.

If you DO piss off George – you’ll know he’s pissed if he starts running and yelling – get him to follow you into a patch of water. Any old puddle will do. The icy cold waters chill him out. Want to know more? Keep reading and learn how to survive.

Lakeside Rendezvous

During the early rounds especially, the best possible place for you to hole up is the map’s starting point.  The patch of land where Quick Revive is located – Quick Revive Island! – should be home base, the first place you go when George isn’t there. Zombies weaken in the icy water, and they turn into ice blocks if they take too much damage. That ice block can then be shot or knifed, and the resulting explosion does area of effect damage on the surrounding zombies. 

Once George makes his way to your Quick Revive roost, dash away and head for the boat. Take out any zombies you can along the way, but the key strategy here is to draw George away from your safe haven. Hightail it to the top level of the boat, the same floor the power room is on, and head to the zipline. Make a stand here and take down some zombies if you can, but don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Instead, just jump up and backwards (assuming you’re facing away from the zipline) and you’ll be whisked back to the starting area, at which point you can head back to Quick Revive Island and repeat the process.  

Also, be sure to bunny hop through any water you pass through. Turning to ice doesn’t kill you, but having your vision obscured and being frozen in place does. Bunny hopping significantly slows down the freezing process.


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All Aboard the Zombie Train!

If you’re playing solo or if you don’t mind splitting up the group in co-op, the ground level entrance to the lighthouse, on the boat side where you pick up the AK-74u, is your best place to hold things down. It’s a wide open area that you can literally use to run circles around the zombies, building up a train behind you that can be fired into for serious point boosts. The nearby AK is right along your running route and it provides a constant source of ammunition. There’s even a small body of water off in the corner, though it’s easy to get trapped back there if your zombie train is too large.

Jugger-Nog: Your Number One Priority

Unless you like to stare death in the face – well more death than a raging horde of zombies led by an evil George Romero can provide on its own – Jugger-Nog should be a top focus early on. Get yourself a decent gun or two first – and just flat-out restart if the Mystery Box doesn’t spawn initially on the first boat or right in front of the lighthouse – but know that you’ll need more than 5000 points just to turn the power on and open the necessary doors to reach Jugger-Nog, which is on the lower deck of the second boat. The perk itself then costs 2500. 

The problem with Call of the Dead is that the zombies don’t just come through windows, they spawn from many different directions. It is very easy to suddenly find that two zombies have magically appeared beside you. Without Jugger-Nog, two taps from a zombie is all it takes to bring you down.

Follow the Light

Call of the Dead also has an unusual Pack-a-Punch machine. It is unlocked at the very beginning, but its location changes as you play. The lighthouse light always points the way; if it’s rotating, the machine hasn’t spawned yet. If it’s locked in a single direction, follow the beam to PaP. There are three spawn locations:  the body of water in the starting area (this will quickly become your favorite), the area behind the lighthouse at ground level (the door opposite the one leading out to the zombie train/AK-74u area) and the lower deck of the second boat, down a set of stairs right near Jugger-Nog. All three machines spawn in the water, so make sure you’re clear of zombies before you willfully ice yourself up.

Crack Open the Easter Egg

Serious fans of CoD’s zombie mode no doubt remember the epic easter egg from the Ascension map, involving power nodes and 90 seconds of zombie-killing Death Machine joy. The elaborate easter egg puzzle is back in Call of the Dead, and your reward is indescribably more awesome. Solo and co-op players must perform slightly different tasks to complete it. We won’t spoil the fun for you, but we can at least get you started. 

Once the power is on, head over to the lighthouse’s main entrance and then down the set of steps right outside it (to the room where PhD Flopper is). Go down the set of stairs in that room and you’ll see a big metal door with some kind of fuse box next to it. Knife the door a few times and listen to the conversation that unfolds. “Listen” being the key word here — the four speakers on the other side of that door, all of whom should be familiar to you fans, tell you exactly what needs to be done. The first task is completed easily enough, in the room directly above you… the rest are going to take some work though.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Walkthrough - How To Survive Call of the Dead Zombie Mode!


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