Guild Wars 2 Engineer Profession Announced -- Flamethrowers In My Fantasy MMORPG?


Posted May 19, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

Remember back in April when ArenaNet announced the Commando class for Guild Wars 2 as a joke? Well today the company has revealed the actual seventh profession: The Engineer, which, while not as awesome as the Commando, still packs a very similar punch. It's basically like ArenaNet has combined every class from Team Fortress 2 and combined it with Batman to create the ultimate killing machine. I'm serious.

ArenaNet describes the Engineer as a master of mechanical mayhem and they've released a video detailing some of its skills including the Rifle Turret, Glue Shot, Jump Shot, Grenade Satchel, and Absorb.

Guild Wars 2 "Engineer Skills" Trailer »

From dealing tons of damage with their rifle and area of effect attacks to throwing down snares for a more defensive stance, the Engineer seems to be entirely versatile. They'll be able to use rifles, dual pistols, or a pistol/shield combo and be able to get further benefit from their weapon kits and Backpack Kits.

According to ArenaNet, "When activated, these special utility kits equip a backpack on the engineer's back, which replaces the engineer's current weapon skills with skills from the backpack kit. For example, a bomb kit will put a bomb backpack on the engineer, allowing [him] to deploy a variety of bombs including smoke, concussion, and fire." There are five different backpack kits including a med kit for healers.

The weapon kits are utility skills that are activated once an Engineer equips a new weapon. For example, there's a flamethrower kit that creates an AOE. It has skills like Immolate that damages nearby enemies, Air Blast for defense, and Backdraft which sucks enemies into range of the Flamethrower's attack. Please remember that this is a fantasy MMORPG, and there's now a flamethrower involved. Sweet.

Then of course, because it makes sense, Engineers can deploy turrets, immobile devices that help defend and control areas.  Once deployed, the skill for the turret is replaced with an overcharged version. Meaning an Engi can deploy a Thumper Turret to cause AOE damage and then activate an overcharge version of that skill which will also knock down enemies.

Finally Engineers get a Tool Belt like Batman. The tool belt is a special set of skills that, "enhances the effectiveness and functionality of the engineer's utility and heal skills." For example, the belt can add a self-destruct skill to the Engineer's turret or a detonation option for their mines.

Here's a quick break down of the Engineer's mechanics:


  • Main Hand: Pistol
  • Off Hand: Pistol, Shield
  • Two-Handed: Rifle

Backpack Kits

  • Tool Kit
  • Grenade Kit
  • Bomb Kit
  • Mine Kit
  • Med Kit

Weapon Kits

  • Flamethrower
  • Elixir Gun


  • Rifle Turret
  • Thumper Turret
  • Net Turret
  • Flame Turret
  • Healing Turret

It seems like every time I see anything about Guild Wars 2 I just gape at the screen while trying to soak in the information. This game just seems so unlike any other MMORPG that's out there right now and with the addition of this new extremely versatile Engineer class, I am only even more excited to see what's to come from ArenaNet.

Does the Engineer seem like the type of Profession you're going to roll when Guild Wars 2 comes out? What's your initial impression of it?

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Guild Wars 2 Engineer Profession Announced -- Flamethrowers In My Fantasy MMORPG?


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