Heroes of Newerth Celebrates One Year Anniversary With Free To Play Week


Posted May 12, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

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Heroes of Newerth Celebrates One Year Anniversary With Free To Play Week

Heroes of Newerth, the multiplayer action RPG from S2 Games is celebrating its one year anniversary this week and kicking off a few fesitities to commemorate the happy occassion. First off, the game will feature a free-to-play week long session from May 12 at 9 PM EST through May 22 at 12 am EST. Players will also receive free goblin coins, shop changes, and a revamped set of tool tips to enhance their gameplay experience. To get into the action you can head over to the Heroes of Newerth website to sign up for the FTP week.

S2 Games CEO and co-founder Marc Deforest is thrilled about the success of HoN and let us in on just how successful the game has become in only one year, “In just the last month, our players enjoyed over 650 million minutes of HoN! We have an average of 30,000 people playing at any given time and daily concurrent peaks of over 50,000 players."

Aside from the freebies and giveaways, HoN will also be getting a content patch featuring the following:

  • An entirely redesigned item shop that not only reduces the amount of time new players need to learn the intricacies of item purchases, but also adds a layer of clarification for existing players. New elements include search functionality, a revamped purchasing interface, item progression panel and dual modes.
  • Fully interactive hero guides that can be customized and ultimately let users quickly purchase items and level up according to the guide. The guides are ranked by the community and give players the ability to set default preferences for recommended items.
  • A completely new set of simple tooltips designed to make the game more accessible for new players, along with a rewritten set of advanced tooltips for increased clarity, consistency, and usability for current players.
  • Two new highly requested avatars Winston Charmadon and Thor Thunderbringer.

Along with the patch the entire shop is being redesigned and new guides are being implemented to help new and old players alike with the complex hero and item system.

The new shop will feature:

  • Dual Views: A classic category view retains the functionality of the current shop so that long-time players may continue to browse as usual. Meanwhile, a new filter view allows players to sort items by characteristic using 12 mix-and-match filters.
  • Search Function: Players may search for any item by name or keyword, including DotA and LoL counterparts. The search function facilitates greater team understanding, as item lingo will be pre-built into the keyword list.
  • Enhanced Purchasing Interface: Everything in the shop will operate through identical inputs: left-click to select, right-click to purchase.
  • Item Progression Panel: When an item is selected, intuitive sliding panels display the components of the item and its upgrade paths. Players may follow an item’s upgrade progression from its most basic component to its most expensive end-game recipe.
  • Simple Item Descriptions: All items displayed in the shop have short descriptions of their usage, allowing the browser to understand the item at-a-glance. Full details are still available by mousing over for a tooltip.

The new user-written hero guides will serve as a template for hero leveling, and give item suggestions for the early, middle, and late game. The guides will be created and voted upon by the community, which will ensure that all of the different ways to play the vast amount of heroes in the game will be represented fairly. To make things even easier for new players, they'll also include an optional function to level up heroes skills automatically according to the guide.

So now that you know all of the cool things you can get for playing HoN during and after their one year anniversary celebration, are you going to be signing up for a free week? Do you already play Heroes of Newerth and are excited about these changes? Let us know!

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Heroes of Newerth Celebrates One Year Anniversary With Free To Play Week


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