Road to E3 2011: The Microsoft Report Card


Posted May 12, 2011 - By Kevin Kelly

Road to E3 2011: The Microsoft Report Card

E3 2011 is quickly approaching, and looking back, Microsoft had a huge showing at last year's E3. In fact, it was so big that they had to split things into two press conferences, one specifically for Kinect, and the other more traditional. Except with plenty of Kinect as well. So how did they do? What's happened since then? Here's all the Microsoft E3 2010 information in one spot for you to check out while we get ready for E3 2011. Microsoft has been fairly mum about things, and we know that Gears of War 3 will have a big presence at the show, and that we'll definitely see more Kinect. 

But enough about the future. Let's turn the dial back to 2010 and see how Microsoft did.

Before E3 even bega, Microsoft had a truly strange, Cirque du Soleil produced and performed press conference to announce to Kinect (formerly Project Natal) to the world. It was nearly an other worldly experience, with girls walking on ceilings, giant elephants, people in boxes, and light-up robes that we all had to wear. It was more head-scratchy than informative, although it was a real spectacle to behold. It was just a "wet your whistle" kind of event, with real details coming later. Still, it's hard to believe that thing was real. 

E3 2010 Microsoft Press Conference »

Microsoft's actual press conference was much more traditional, and it didn't have the benefit of the surviving Beatles showing up to announce a new game. Still, they did manage to impress with a wide range of games and announcements. Kinect overshadowed portions of the show, and the company pulled a gigantic Oprah by announcing that everyone in the audience would get a brand-new Xbox 360 Slim (which was just announced at the event) for free. As it turns out, you can buy love.

Here are the videos direct from the show, conveniently placed for you in bite-sized video format, and hit the links for more information:

Titles / Hardware That Have Been Released

Titles / Hardware That Have Not Yet Been Released

Overall, we'd rate last year's E3 performance from Microsoft as a solid A. The Kinect info-blast, combined with reveals of Black Ops Reach, Rising, and Gears of War 3 made us all excited for what was yet to come. We still don't know much about Codename: Kingdoms or Kinect Star Wars, but everything else more than made up for that.

As we get closer to E3, we'll speculate about what expectations we have for Microsoft. Their holiday window is fairly bleak, except for Gears of War 3. Of course, they'll have other games appearing on the Xbox 360 and Windows platforms from other publishers, but what about the games they publish? Expect to hear something about the continuation of Halo, and other Microsoft first-party titles. Plus, with their recent acquisition of Skype, be prepared to hear plenty about how that will be integrated into Kinect and the 360. 

Stay tuned to G4 for E3 2011, which is barreling our way like an angry rhino.

Road to E3 2011: The Microsoft Report Card

Road to E3 2011: The Microsoft Report Card


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