Kotick: Console Price Cuts In The Works


Posted May 11, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Bobby KotickAccording to Activision head Bobby Kotick, there are price cuts coming for consoles. The head of the largest video game publishing company on earth told The Financial Times:

“We’ve more confidence in consumer spending, we feel like some of that has stabilized and there are price cuts on the [console] hardware in the works."

Keep in mind: Kotick isn't in charge of prices for any console, and has an interest in keeping console prices as low as possible as more consoles sold means more potential customers for Activision.

Kotick also opined a bit on the changing meaning of the word "platform," saying, “The platform used to be defined as just the box, but the platform today is really the box plus all the online services and capabilities.”

Publishers love the idea of online, of course, because selling a $60 piece of software is one thing, but selling years of subscriptions fees is even better.

On a separate subject, Kotick said that the PSN downtime has affected Activision's sales, but not enough to affected the  financial reports the company discussed earlier in the week.

Source: Financial Times

Kotick: Console Price Cuts In The Works


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