Rumor: Leaked Modern Warfare 3 Art Reveals CoD "Elite," Cover Art


Posted May 11, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Modern Warfare 3 Cover Art Revealed?

The photo you see above could be the cover art for Modern Warfare 3, the unannounced game that we think will hit in November. The leak comes by way of a message board as well as Kotaku, and it looks legit to me.

Now that I have your attention, check this supposedly leaked art out:

Modern Warfare 3 Elite

That emblem comes from the same message board as the cover art, and again, it looks a little too professional to be a fake. I have no solid information yet on what "Elite" might mean, in connection with Call of Duty but I have a couple ideas.

Earlier in the week, during Activision's conference call, we brought you news that the company was planning on implementing "Project Beachhead" with its next CoD game. While I don't know what that is, exactly, beyond a platform for delivering digital content, it could well be some kind of pay-for-it subscription service -- a subscription service that will allow you to be a member of Modern Warfare 3, Elite, perhaps?

The other possibility: There is a yet-unknown CoD product that will bear the title "Elite."

The third possibility: Somebody out there in internet-land is very talented at Photoshop and likes making fake Call of Duty art.

UPDATE: I've shown the "Elite" art to several people here at G4, and the consensus seems to be: "It's fake!"  My judgement of the reality of Internet leaks is sometimes a bit clouded by my inability to grasp why anyone would bother wasting the time it would take to fake something like that, I guess.

I'll put in a call to Activision in a bit, but I imagine they won't have much to say in advance of E3.  So, while we wait for more solid info, check out the below, supposed cover art for the PC version of the game:

Rumor: Leaked Modern Warfare 3 Art Suggests Subscription Service, Reveals Cover Art

What do you guys think? Is this leaked art legit? Am I totally off base with my "Elite" theory here?

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Rumor: Leaked Modern Warfare 3 Art Reveals CoD "Elite," Cover Art


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