RIFT Launches Seven Day Free Trial and Ascend A Friend Programs -- You Can Get A Pet Corgi


Posted May 10, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

 Play RIFT For Free -- Seven Day Trial

You can now play a seven day trial of RIFT, the massively multiplayer online role playing game from developer Trion Worlds, for free. Seven days is usually enough time to get players hooked when it comes to MMOs as it gives them the perfect amount of time to get their feet wet and usually acquire something cool like a mount or strong piece of armor that will leave them wanting more. You can head over to Trion World's website to sign up for the free trial.

Trion Worlds is also starting a new promotion that coincides with the free trial called "Ascend-a-Friend" where current subscribers of RIFT can give out the free trial passes to friends, and each time one of them purchases the full game after participating in the trial, the recruiter gets some sort of bonus, one of which involves corgis.

The bonuses seem to be purely cosmetic (which is a good thing), not buffing classes in any way but offering something fun for collectors and corgi fantatics like myself:

  • Ascend 1 Friend – It’s like getting two friends for the price of one! If just a single buddy purchases RIFT, you’ll receive Courage, a fiercely loyal and utterly adorable canine companion.
  • Ascend 2 Friends – You’re immensely popular, and you know it. Demonstrate this undeniable fact by donning the glorious Trailblazer Hat, which you’ll receive after Ascending a pair of peers.  
  • Ascend 3 Friends – You don’t get this many friends through charm alone. By bringing three new subscribers into the game, you’ll receive the Swift Ember Steed mount, a terrifying equine wreathed in flame that is sure to turn heads in Telara.

Ascended friends will instantly be added to the recruiter's friends list and you'll both gain the ability to teleport to one another every thirty minutes. This feature is so that the recruiter, presumably of a higher level than the new ascended friend, can hang out and help with quests.

Recruit-a-friend features are nothing new to MMORPGs, but how freaking adorable is that corgi companion!? Awwww!

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RIFT Launches Seven Day Free Trial and Ascend A Friend Programs -- You Can Get A Pet Corgi


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