Mortal Kombat: Legacy: Episode 5 Gets Choppy


Posted May 10, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

Mortal Kombat: Legacy: Episode 5 Gets Choppy

Mortal Kombat: Legacy progresses its grand plot set-up with the second part of the Kitana/Mileena origin story.

Recapping the events from the last episode, which saw Shao Kahn's ravaging, supplanting, and (literal) cuckolding of Edenia, we see Princess Kitana's upbringing with her cloned evil "twin" Mileena. It was a childhood which had them trained pretty much from the cradle as hardcore, blood-thristy assassins. (No Barbies for these girls!) Daddy-dearest, Kahn sent them to dispose of any potential threats to his rule in stealthy, yet gruesomely appendage-chopping ways befitting of the Mortal Kombat label.

However, Kitana actually has a conscience and the merged soul of her Queen Mother. So, you knew that this "Usurper-Father/Daughter" relationship would be doomed from the start, and with Kahn's ultimate plans to merge with Earth revealed, the time for Kitana to make her moves (many of which are cheap as hell in the games,) and sabotage the inter-dimensional hostile takeover.

Being a direct continuation of the previous episode, this one didn't quite have the impact as others, since it was a flashback origin story, rather than a cliffhanger (like episodes 1&2.) As a result, it falls victim to the mythos-educated viewer already knowing what's going to happen, as well as a bit of "been there, done that" syndrome.

Kitana finds out her true parentage and turns good? Surely, you jest!

But, don't get me wrong; just like the last one, its synthesis of animation and live-action footage is executed quite well and it does set-up the overall plot for the series. Now, it's just a matter of "getting the band back together" to sweep and uppercut their way through the evil, ugly minions of Shao Kahn.

What say you? Did this episode leave you satisfied?

Mortal Kombat: Legacy: Episode 5 Gets Choppy


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