Report: Sony Considering Reward To Help Catch PSN Hackers


Posted May 9, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

PlayStation Network PSN

According to an article posted on Cnet.com, Sony is considering offering a reward for information leading to the hackers who took down the PlayStation Network. Sony reportedly hasn't made a decision yet about whether they will offer a cash bounty, but the option is on the table. Should Sony offer a reward, it will work with the FBI and other relevant international law enforcement groups.

While the idea of offering money for the capture of the PSN hacker is intriguing, and shows the lengths to which Sony is prepared to go to bring about the end of their network problems, it's not a done deal. The reward is still in discussion stages right now, and hasn't been signed off on by Sony's top execs in Japan, according to Cnet's sources.

My question: Do you think a monetary reward will "work?" Will the nefarious PSN hackers' pals out him for quick cash? And how much cash will it take? Leave the answer in our comment section.

Source: Cnet

Report: Sony Considering Reward To Help Catch PSN Hackers