Sony May Be Hit By A Third Attack This Weekend


Posted May 5, 2011 - By Nikole Zivalich

PSN, Playstation Network

Sony may be hit by yet another attack this weekend. According to CNET, hackers are planning to attack Sony's website in the next few days. The attack is said to be a response to Sony's handling of the PSN security breach. The plan would be to publicize some or all of the data hackers were able to find on Sony's servers. This would potentially include the names, addresses and credit card numbers of more than 75 million PSN users.

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A group of hackers were talking in an IRC channel when someone who either overheard or was a part of the conversation told CNET about the plan. These hackers claim to have access to Sony's servers.

This is, of course, not confirmed, especially since no one has taken credit for the attacks. In Sony's statement to the US House of Representatives they claimed to have discovered files hinting at Anonymous involvement, such as the words "We are legion." Anonymous has repeatedly denied their involvement and further condemned the theft of credit card numbers.

Sony did not get back to CNET about these reports.

Source: CNET

Sony May Be Hit By A Third Attack This Weekend