Osama Bin Laden Execution Mission: 6 Elite Video Game Characters Answer the Call of Duty


Posted May 2, 2011 - By Jake Gaskill

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, this weekend brought with it some rather spectacular news: PSN will be up this week! Oh, and Osama Bin Laden was finally hunted down and killed by a small Navy SEAL team known as Team Six (aka DevGru) in a firefight in a heavily guarded compound  in Pakistan. You know, that too. Seriously though, this is obviously a defining moment in our history, and we couldn’t be prouder of the continually brave men and women that put their lives on the line every day. In the spirit of celebration, and because we are gamer nerds around here after all, we thought we’d put together a little dream team of six ideally suited video game characters who would have been perfect for this historic and brilliantly executed mission.

As a special treat, we have also secured a video of what this particular mission might have looked like had it occurred in video game form. You can find this highly educational and informative video after the break.

Top Six Game Characters Perfect To Take Down Osama Bin Laden

Duke Nukem – If there’s anyone who is intimately familiar with projects that take many years to materialize, it’s the King. Plus, if you were going to have someone on hand to bring the “USA! USA!” hammer down, Duke is your man. The only challenge would be convincing him to not ride in on a missile emblazoned with the American flag on it. This is a highly tactical mission after all.

Top Six Game Characters Perfect To Take Down Osama Bin Laden

Sam Fisher and Solid Snake – When it comes to intelligence gathering and breach/execute missions, the team of Sam Fisher and Solid Snake, a duo with 132 years of combined espionage experience (see, because they are both super old) speaks for itself. We haven’t heard any details regarding what the scalable pipe/cardboard box situation was at Osama’s compound, but as long as the guards were capable of forgetting that their friend was just killed before their eyes mere moments after it happened, Fisher and Snake would prove themselves to be valuable members of the team.

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Dusty (Medal of Honor) – As a Tier 1 Delta Force operator, this Medal of Honor star is uniquely qualified to participate in this mission, and not just because of his desire to be part of a universally acclaimed mission for a change, but because he is highly trained in dealing with conflicts in this region of the world. Also, it would also bring an end to one of the most epic and hard fought beard battles of the past decade.

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Trip (Enslaved: Odyssey to the West) – Osama’s compound was apparently a highly fortified and entrenched facility, complete with towering guard walls and security gates galore. Maneuvering around such a labyrinthine facility without the proper intelligence isn’t advisable, which is why Trip’s handy, dandy mechanized dragonfly camera would be the perfect info gathering tool. Trip’s hacker skills would also be valuable for bypassing any security gates along the way.

Top Six Game Characters Perfect To Take Down Osama Bin Laden

Preston Marlowe (Battlefield: Bad Company) – Sure, Marlowe’s record isn’t entirely red flag free, but he possesses one highly unique specialty that would make him incredibly valuable to any squad looking to infiltrate a compound ringed with massive, towering walls: environmental destruction. Why spend time scaling a wall when you could just blast a hole in it and get on with the mission? Exactly.

And, as promised, here's what we think the Osama execution mission might have looked like in the gaming realm:


Osama Bin Laden Raid Captured On Video »


Who would be on your dream team of Osama-hunting game characters?

Osama Bin Laden Execution Mission: 6 Elite Video Game Characters Answer the Call of Duty


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