Sony: PSN Users' Trophies Will Be Fine


Posted April 29, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

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The fallout from the PSN hacking fiasco is bad, no doubt. No one likes identity theft and the potential of compromised credit card information, but many gamers are more concerned about their trophies and friends list. Last night, in the company's second FAQ about the PlayStation hacking, Sony assured users that you will be reunited with your friends list and trophies when the PSN returns. All the single-player trophies you've been earning during the PSN's downtime will be synced with your online profile when the network comes back up. Your Cloud saves will be fine too.

Here's the official word from Sony:

Q: Will our download history/friends list/settings be affected by the PSN downtime?

A: No, they will not.

Q: Will trophies that were earned in single-player offline games during the outage be intact when the service resumes?

A: These trophies are intact and will be re-synced when the network is once again operational.

Q: Will my PS+ cloud saves be retrievable? A: Yes, once PSN is restored.

Check out the FAQ on Sony's Site.

Sony: PSN Users' Trophies Will Be Fine