Xbox Briefly Unbans Live Accounts?


Posted April 27, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Microsoft Xbox Live Team Comments On Sony PlayStation Network Security Breach

While Sony's PSN problems are the talk of the gaming world (and the rest of the world, for that matter), Microsoft's Xbox Live Network apparently had problems of its own last night. Scattered reports from the internet suggest that Microsoft unbanned a bunch of previously banned Live accounts, then banned them again several hours later.

According to commenters on hacker websites, some time last night, gamers with Xboxes that were forbidden due to "flashed" harddrives suddenly were allowed to play multiplayer games. Within a few hours, the consoles were banned once again.

My immediate thought: Microsoft is probably working around the clock to keep their network from being intruded upon, and somehow accidentally, briefly unbanned the accounts... but there's always the darker possibility that someone who isn't Microsoft flipped the "unban" switch. Microsoft hasn't commented on the unbannination, so we have no way of knowing what exactly happened. That leaves the floor open to you, reader. Feel free to speculate at will in our comment section.

Source: Kotaku

Xbox Briefly Unbans Live Accounts?