PSN Outage And Security Breach Has Nothing To Do With Steam


Posted April 26, 2011 - By Kevin Kelly

PSN Outage And Breach Has Nothing To Do With Steam

Sony's continued PSN outage and now massive security breach had some suspicious timing in regards to Portal 2, as the game was the first to allow cross-platform play and data communication between the PlayStation 3 and PCs/Macs. That had us wondering if somehow Steam might have accidentally opened access on the PSN that hackers could exploit. 

But fear not, as neither Valve nor Steam had anything to do with the network intrusion. We spoke with Valve's Doug Lombardi, vice-president of marketing, and he told us:

"No. Steam has nothing to do with the PSN outage."

Needless to say, Steam is probably as unhappy as we are that the service is down, denying millions of Portal 2 PSN players the opportunity to co-op or sync their game saves with the Steam cloud. 
PSN Outage And Security Breach Has Nothing To Do With Steam


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