PSN Is Down, So What Can You Still Do With Your PlayStation 3?


Posted April 21, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3’s motto is “It only does everything,” but since last night, when the entire PlayStation Network went offline for some as-yet-unknown reason, it might be more accurate to say "it only does some things." So which things can you still do with your PlayStation 3?

The PlayStation 3 Can Still…

  1. Access The Internet: Although the PlayStation Network is borked, your PS3 console should still be able to access the internet as if nothing is wrong.
  2. Play Single-Player Games: As far as I am aware, there are no single-player games that require a functioning PlayStation Network in order to work. You should still be able to play single-player games you downloaded in the the past as well.
  3. Play Local Multi-Player: This is the perfect opportunity to get a friend on your couch and re-experience the joy of couch co-op.
  4. Earn Trophies: Although you won’t be able to show off your accomplishments to your pals, you’ll still be able to earn ‘em. Presumably, when the PlayStation Network is back up, (which could take as long as two days), your friends will be able to see your new single-player trophies.
  5. Play Blu-Ray Discs And DVDs: You’ll still be able to watch Monsters Inc. on BlueRay, don’t worry, and that's almost as good as playing Portal 2's co-op, right?
  6. Stream Media From Your Computer: If you use your PS3 to watch movies or play music stored on your PC, you’ll still be able to enjoy it.

The PlayStation 3 Can Not…

  1. Play Any Games Online: As far as I am aware, any game that features online play cannot work without the PlayStation Network, rendering some online-only games like MAG totally unplayable.
  2. Access Steam: With the launch of Portal 2 earlier this week, Steam access has been added to the PSN, but because you can’t access the PSN, no Steam for you.
  3. Access the PlayStation Store: You won’t be able to buy new downloadable games or content until the PSN goes back up.
  4. Access “Cloud-Saved” Games: Portal 2 for the PS3 allows users to store their games in the proverbial clouds, for retrieval on any PS3 that’s connected to the PlayStation Network… which means no PS3 on Earth, at this second.
  5. Enter PlayStation Home: Not being able to sign on to the PlayStation Network means not being able to visit your fake virtual Home home either.
  6. Play Netflix Movies: You won’t be able to watch Netflix without logging into the PSN, and don’t try to get clever and access Netflix with the PS3’s web browser; it won’t work. You’ll be told the PS3 browser doesn’t support streaming.  Bummer, man.
  7. Play Hulu Content: Ditto
  8. Make Toast: This is the case whether the PSN works or not, but it still makes me mad.

I think that just about covers everything… except the things I forgot. If there’s anything you know about parts of the PS3 that aren’t working, let me know in the comment section below. Also: Anyone want to make a prediction for when the PSN will be up again? My guess: 3 PM PST today.

PSN Is Down, So What Can You Still Do With Your PlayStation 3?


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