Portal 2 or Mortal Kombat? Which One Will You Be Playing? Make The Decision With This Episode of Feedback!


Posted April 20, 2011 - By Kevin Kelly

There is a perfect storm of games this week as Portal 2, Mortal Kombat, SOCOM 4 and Conduit 2 all hit store shelves. We talked about SOCOM 4 on last week's episode of Feedback, so this time we're wormholing deep into Portal 2 and finding out if Mortal Kombat is worth the fatality. Or even the babality.

Adam is back in the captain's chair this time around, along with the always delightful Morgan Webb who valiantly reviewed Portal 2 for us, Jake Gaskill freshly returned from Utah where he attended Bethesda's BFG event, and even Donell "Diablo" Tucker in his inaugural apprearance as a part of the Feedback team. Donell has been up to his eyeballs in Mortal Kombat, so pay attention to what he has to say.


Feedback -- Portal 2 & Mortal Kombat »

Following along in the home version? Here's your handy guide to what went on:

  • It's the absolute, final round of Videogame Deatchmatch! Get over there and vote!
  • Valve's Potato Sack Portal 2 Promotion. Was it the coolest thing ever? Or incredibly lame?
  • Bethesda's BFG had new content for Skyrim, Rage, and even more to come.
  • Portal 2 takes up a lot of our time, and for good reason. Find out why.
  • Mortal Kombat surprised us by returning to its roots. 
  • And they talk about the Wii 2 rumors that have been circling the internet! Is there a shred of truth to them?

Feedback: Where our customized Portal Gun opens up a wormhole directly into your heart.

The AUDIO MP3 of this episode of FEEDBACK is available here: Right-click and Save.


Portal 2 or Mortal Kombat? Which One Will You Be Playing? Make The Decision With This Episode of Feedback!


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