Coachella 2011: Do It Yourself Through Video Games


Posted April 14, 2011 - By Moye Ishimoto

Coachella 2011: The Video Game

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2011 is this weekend, in case you were wondering why that guy with the ironic mustache riding a fixed gear bike was suddenly peeing in his ironically tight pants. With headliners like Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire and Kanye West, this year’s concert should be an amazing weekend of great music, terrific weather and too many Ray-Ban sunglasses.

But let’s be a little more realistic: do you really want to brave the elements to watch countless bands perform outside? By elements, we’re talking about exorbitantly priced passes, then even more cash for camping or a hotel room, hours of traffic on the 10 freeway to make it out to the desert, and absolutely no refunds if something bad happens. Plus, you have to shop for a new Coachella 2011 appropriate wardrobe, which means last year’s t-shirt with that 80’s throwback graphic from Threadless won’t work. Can you imagine wearing the same American Apparel outfit twice? Totally embarrassing.

Also, it doesn't help that the music festival is completely sold out. Don't worry though, because that doesn't mean you're out of luck! This year, we bring you the option of staying home without losing out on the Coachella experience, thanks to games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero, DJ Hero and Def Jam Rapstar. Yes, this means you can enjoy the music while also staying indoors with the air conditioning on full blast while not getting trampled by hordes of drunk hipsters. Check out some of the bands playing at Coachella 2011 that available on your video game console for you to start up Living Room Music Festival 2011 right now.

Coachella 2011: The Video Game

Kings of Leon

Where is Leon and why does it have multiple kings? That’s a dumb question that I should have kept to myself, but it’s what I always ask myself whenever I heard the Followill brothers (and cousin) croon over their alternative rock melodies.

  • Crawl  (Rock Band)
  • Molly’s Chambers  (Rock Band)
  • Sex on Fire  (Rock Band, Guitar Hero)
  • Manhattan (Guitar Hero)

Coachella 2011: The Video Game

Brandon Flowers

None of Brandon Flowers’ solo work has made it to Rock Band or Guitar Hero (yet) but The Killers still count, right? I mean, can you even name any of the other band members? I rest my case.

  • Mr. Brightside (Rock Band)
  • Smile Like You Mean It  (Rock Band)
  • Spaceman  (Rock Band)
  • When You Were Young  (Rock Band)

Coachella 2011: The Video Game

Cold War Kids

When life makes me feel really uncool because I spent the whole weekend watching Oprah’s new network, then I listen to the Cold War Kids and instant feel super hip, jaded and angsty.

  • Hang Me Up To Dry (Guitar Hero)

Coachella 2011: The Video Game

Duran Duran

The 80’s are forever and Coachella proves it with Duran Duran headlining their Sunday, April 17th show. Get ready to throw your shoulders around as you dance to these classic beats.

  • Girls On Film  (Rock Band)
  • Hungry like the Wolf  (Rock Band, Guitar Hero)
  • Rio  (Rock Band, Guitar Hero)

Coachella 2011: The Video Game

Flogging Molly

Bands like Flogging Molly made you wish you had a crowd to jump around with in your living room, but you can at least try with these Irish punk tunes. Now if only Harmonix would build a pan pipe or fiddle peripheral so we could really play like Floggin Molly.

  • Drunken Lullabies  (Rock Band)
  • Requiem for a Dying Song  (Rock Band, Guitar Hero)
  • The Seven Deadly Sins (Guitar Hero)
  • (No More) Paddy’s Lament (Guitar Hero)

Coachella 2011: The Video Game


Heart’s Barracuda is like Eye of the Tiger or Don’t Stop Believing, except instead of all the guys singing along with their fists pumping, girls can step in and totally rock out on stage. We like that.

  • Barracuda (Guitar Hero)

Coachella 2011: The Video Game


Interpol perfects the art of indie music with their emotionless, monotone singing and yet somehow, it works.

  • PDA (Rock Band)
  • Obstacle 1 (Guitar Hero)
  • Slow Hands (Guitar Hero)

Coachella 2011: The Video Game

Jimmy Eat World

Don’t allow me to start gushing about Jimmy Eat World. Let me reminisce about my college years where I could listen to their entire Bleed American album on a loop while singing along to the emocore scene lyrics that touched the core of my weeping heart.

  • Bleed American  (Rock Band)
  • Futures  (Rock Band)
  • Lucky Denver Mint  (Rock Band)
  • My Best Theory  (Rock Band)
  • Pain  (Rock Band)
  • Sweetness  (Rock Band)
  • The Middle  (Rock Band)

Coachella 2011: The Video Game

Kanye West

Kanye epitomizes the pop culture icon who you wish you could hate but you can’t because he’s got the talent to back upeverything he says, even when it means interrupting Taylor Swift. Instead of listening to him rant on stage in the Coachella heat, become Kanye yourself with these songs from Def Jam Rapstar and DJ Hero.

  • Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Def Jam Rapstar)
  • Jesus Walks (Def Jam Rapstar)
  • Heartless (DJ Hero)
  • Love Lockdown (DJ Hero)
  • Gold Digger (Def Jam Rapstar)
  • Stronger (Def Jam Rapstar)

Coachella 2011: The Video Game

The Black Keys

This Midwest band brings a style reminiscent of The White Stripes but with a rougher, bluesy touch. This means that now you can jam with them as long as you want in your living room without having to stand outside in the heat while you watch two guys play endlessly on stage. 

  • I Got Mine  (Rock Band)
  • Strange Times  (Rock Band)
  • Your Touch  (Rock Band)

Coachella 2011: The Video Game

The New Pornographers

The New Pornographers are an amalgamation of talent from different bands, including the vocal talents of Neko Case, which explains their unique but catchy pop rock music. If you heart them as much as I do, then you’d probably understand how playing their songs like Electric Version or Crash Years on Rock Band is more fun than trying to see them at a crowded music festival.

  • All The Things That Go To Make Heaven and Earth  (Rock Band)
  • Crash Years  (Rock Band)
  • Electric Version  (Rock Band)
  • Use It  (Rock Band)
  • Your Hands (Together) (Rock Band)

Coachella 2011: The Video Game

The Strokes

Remember when The Strokes first appeared and all of a sudden, unprocessed sounds of indie rock was appearing on MTV? I’m sad that only Reptilia is available on Rock Band and Guitar Hero since it’s one of the most fun songs to play with the addictive drum beats and endless guitar notes. You’ll clearly get more out of The Strokes if you see them live at Coachella but staying home to play this one song is always worth it.

  • Reptilia  (Rock Band, Guitar Hero)

Coachella 2011: The Video Game

Nas and Damian Marley

Who says hip-hop is dead when you’ve got both Nas and Damian Marley performing together at Coachella? They obviously don’t have any tracks together on DJ Hero but with available songs like Marley’s Welcome to Jamrock and Nas’ Hate Me Now…well then, there you go.

  • Welcome to Jamrock (DJ Hero)
  • Hero (DJ Hero)
  • Hate Me Now (DJ Hero)

Coachella 2011: The Video Game

The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers are still around? Well, they’ll definitely be around at Coachella 2011 but what’s even better is that you can take a spin around the turntables with Galvanize on DJ Hero.

  • Galvanize (DJ Hero)

Coachella 2011: The Video Game

Green Velvet

Coachella isn't all about indie and alternative rock. If they've got Kanye and The Chemical Brothers, then don't forget to take Green Velvet for a spin on DJ Hero with their Shake'n'Pop remix.

  • Shake’n’Pop (DJ Hero)
Coachella 2011: Do It Yourself Through Video Games


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