Videogame Deathmatch Nerdfight: Leah Jackson vs. Leah Jackson in StarCraft vs. Warcraft!


Posted April 11, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

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Videogame Deathmatch Nerdfight: Leah Jackson vs. Leah Jackson in StarCraft vs. Warcraft!

Videogame Deathmatch is entering its final throes, but before the last gasp comes, there is still plenty of time for you to vote and let your voice be heard. Especially in this titanic battle where Blizzard takes on Blizzard, with one wielding StarCraft, and the other brandishing WarCraft. In the end, there can be only one. Thankfully, you can sound your own battle cry by voting.

The two loves of my life are being pitted against one another, and it’s up to me to dig deep within myself and find out which one I love more. Is that even possible? Let me be frank when I say that, to me, both StarCraft and Warcraft are phenomenal franchises for very different reasons. Having to pick one over the other is like having to choose between your children, and, as a middle child, I know that it’s not okay when parents choose favorites. But, this is a Nerdfight, dammit. If I have to duke it out by myself then so be it. Here we go. For Leah on Leah action, keep reading.

Leah: Since WarCraft was the first Blizzard series that I fell in love with, back in the days of WarCraft 3, I’ll start with why WarCraft is superior. What originally got me into the game wasn’t how it played or how intriguing it looked, it was the captivating story. War3 is told through five different perspectives from the same story and it portrayed characters who were worth loving and getting behind. I’ll always have a soft spot for Sylvanas who got dicked over by just about everyone. Now those thrilling characters and their intricate storylines have made their way into World of Warcraft and have been fully fleshed out -- you can even kill the Lich King at the end of Wrath of the Lich King! That fight was so epicly awesome! It’s one small reason I love that universe. StarCraft’s story just doesn’t live up to Warcraft’s

Other Leah: I became a SC addict with StarCraft 2 so sure, I’ll let you get away with calling SC2’s story crap. You just don’t understand how terribly sad leaving Kerrigan on Tarsonis is (QQ), and how awesome Findlay’s one-liners are, but let’s be serious. No one plays SC2 for the campaign! StarCraft shines brightest when you’re playing multiplayer. And above all else, StarCraft is the best competitive game ever. Three distinct races with a huge variety of units that can be used to craft perfect build deviations to defeat the styles of varied opponents. It’s miraculous what some people can do with the units Blizzard has given them, and StarCraft matches are akin to ridiculously epic chess games, where every single move has a consequence. In WarCraft, especially World of Warcraft, everything is scripted and the lack of spontaneity over the past few years has almost been depressing. The only thing that’s random is loot drops, and waiting 13 weeks for shoulder pads or a weapon to appear (DAMN YOU BETRAYER OF HUMANITY ARGGHHHH!!) is stupid. 

Leah: I can’t really argue with myself about how annoying it is that patched content released one day is already old news the next because the content is so easy for top guilds. I was a really hardcore player when I was super into World of Warcraft, playing 50-60 hours a week and this always irritated me. But there’s no denying that some of the more casual friendly stuff has led to good, like the random dungeon finder or the better achievements. Even StarCraft has achievements now because of how successful WoW’s implementation of them was. Pleasing everyone in the community is hard, and Blizzard does its best with their WoW fanbase to constantly churn out exciting content while trying to please both the hardcore and casual players. When it comes to doing both, I think that Warcraft might even be better than StarCraft because it has something appealing for everyone, not just competitive players. 

Other Leah: But WoW’s very nature is competitive gameplay. You’re competing with your fellow players for who has the best items, who has the coolest mounts, who got the world first/server first, who’s better at PVP, who’s worth bringing to groups, etc. Warcraft 1-3 is obviously competitive in nature as well, being a worldwide eSports title, so you can’t fault StarCraft’s core style when it’s also reflected almost exactly the same in Warcraft. And on that note, let’s (me and me) compare Warcraft eSports vs. StarCraft eSports. 

Warcraft eSports really come down to War3 and WoW. War3 was once pretty popular all over the world but especially in South Korea, China, France, and Germany. WoW has arena, which was in its prime almost five seasons ago and has continuously gone downhill because World of Warcraft is frankly impossible to balance and not fun to watch as a spectator. But you have to think that even though War3 was so popular all over the world, professional players that were once so well known in that space are now starting to transition over to StarCraft 2 because it’s the better game. People like Jang “Moon” Jae Hoe, a once legendary Warcraft 3 player has recently switched over to StarCraft 2 and competed in the grand finals at the IEM 5 World Championships because SC2 offers a much better competitive scene than Warcraft can anymore.

Same with Johan “NaNiwa” Lucchesi, who just won the StarCraft 2 tournament at MLG Dallas. A  lot of other War3 and World of Warcraft players are following this route. The #1 ranked WoW player last season, Garett “Nadagast” Mitchell is also considering converting to SC2 and even competed in SC2 at an MLG event last year. Like I said, it might not be appealing for everyone like WoW is, but StarCraft has overshadowed War3 as the best competitive RTS ever, and probably the best competitive game in the world. WoW has already started losing some of its luster as it can’t churn out content fast enough to please all of those fans that once found it so appealing. 

Leah: In the end it’s extremely difficult to try and find faults that lend themselves to pros for one of these games to the other. The story in one is good, the gameplay in both are great, the dynamic, community, design, and production value in both are pretty much unparalleled with any games in the entire industry. I have to say that because StarCraft has become more of a sport to watch rather than a game to play for me personally, that maybe Warcraft might be the better game franchise to play whereas StarCraft might be the better game franchise for the entire gaming industry as a whole since it’s going to be what propels professional gaming to a level that it’s never been able to achieve before.

Both are admirable titles, but in the end I honestly can’t choose which I love more. It’s like asking me to choose between a Moonkin or a Thor. I just can’t do it.

What do you think? StarCraft or Warcraft? Head over to the Videogame Deathmatch and vote now!

Videogame Deathmatch Nerdfight: Leah Jackson vs. Leah Jackson in StarCraft vs. Warcraft!


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