Find Out About Indie Games and MLG Dallas in This Episode of Feedback!


Posted April 6, 2011 - By Kevin Kelly

Welcome to the Doldrums of April! This is one of those black hole weeks, where all of the good video game releases seem to have been sucked onto other dates. For instance, this Tuesday was a wasteland, but on April 19 you'll get Mortal Kombat, SOCOM 4, and Portal 2. Holy video game overload, Batman! You'd think publishers would want to space these out a bit more. So you know, you have that busy week of gaming to look forward to.

So instead of dissecting that Alaskan hunting game which is completely Sarah Palin-free, Rob Manuel takes us into the world of indie games and Leah Jackson, freshly returned from MLG Dallas, takes us to the land of competitive eSports. We also talk about the news and goings on in your favorite industry. Check it out. You'll see.

Feedback -- Indie Games & MLG Dallas 2011 Highlights »

Here's your handy-dandy, follow along guide to what we talked about:

  • More shots have been fired in the Infinity Ward / Activision case. Someone needs to turn this saga into a movie.
  • The hacker collective Anonymous has issued a warning to Sony, and Sony has been having website issues. Are they related?
  • Gamestop looks to secure their digital future by acquiring Spawn Labs and Impulse, Inc. Two companies that will branch out their offerings beyond brick and mortar stores.
  • Plus, Videogame Deathmatch! Round Two is nearly over, so get your fingers over there and vote now.
  • Rob Manuel delves deep into the world of indie games, and everyone talks about their favorites.
  • Leah Jackson spills the beans about MLG Dallas, and what it was like being in the middle of eSporting. Plus, what would everyone's dream eSport title be?

Feedback: Where we hope that all the recent hacking inspires an updated movie version of Sneakers.

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Find Out About Indie Games and MLG Dallas in This Episode of Feedback!


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