Batman Arkham City: 80% Of The Game Takes Place In Gotham


Posted March 31, 2011 - By Nikole Zivalich

Batman: Arkham City

Most of Batman: Arkham City will take place on the streets of Gotham City. "Interiors are locked to specific missions, but 80% of the game takes place on the streets," according to Rocksteady's marketing game manager Dax Ginn in an interview with PSM3. This means a significant portion of the game is dedicated to exploring at your own pace without sacrificing the narrative. Despite this freedom Ginn reassured readers, "Plot is really important to us."

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"Our objective was not to make a bigger game world just for the sake of it. We want to fill it with content, and there's no better world than Batman's universe to take inspiration from.

"We have 97 people on the team, compared to 65 on the first game. Because we've decided to make such a large world we had to bring in more artists, animators and so on. It's been a pretty huge technical and creative undertaking for the team."

Batman: Arkham City is reportedly only an 8 hour game. Do you think that will be enough time to explore, get a story and enjoy the experience? Batman: Arkham City will be released on October 18 for the PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

Source: CVG

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Batman Arkham City: 80% Of The Game Takes Place In Gotham


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