Rumor: 360 Disc Format Adds 1GB To 360 DVDs


Posted March 30, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

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Yesterday, we brought you word that Microsoft is looking for thousands of volunteer testers for a change to their disc format. Testers get a free copy of Halo: Reach, which is a pretty sweet deal, but what's less sweet is the lack of details as to what the disc format update actually is. Microsoft isn't saying at this time, but the internet, of course, has some theories. The rumor: The new disc format will add 1GB of space to your 360 disc. 

Currently, the 360 disc holds 6.8GB out of a maximum of 7.95GB on a standard dual layer DVD, with over 1GB dedicated to a DVD-Video. The new format will, presumably, juggle around these numbers to produce more space for game material on 360 DVDs ( Yes "juggle around" is the technical term for it.) It could be that the GB dedicated to video will now be allowed to contain some gaming material. Almost certainly, the Halo: Reach disc you get for volunteering isn't so much a free gift as a proof-of-concept of the new format.

So, are you volunteering?

Source: Eurogamer

Rumor: 360 Disc Format Adds 1GB To 360 DVDs