Nintendo DS Trade-In Deals For 3DS: How To Get The Most For Your Nintendo DS


Posted March 23, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson


The Nintendo 3DS comes out this Sunday, and that means gamers will be wanting to trade in their old, busted Nintendo DS for a spiffed-out new system. But where can you get the best trade in deal? Read on, and we'll give you an idea of how to trade your old DS in for a Nintendo 3DS.

GameStop has a tremendous deal: According to the company's website, the retailer is offering $50 worth of trade-in value for a DS Lite, $75 for a DSi, and a heaping $100 for a DSi XL. So if you hand in a DSi XL, you're basically getting a 3DS for only $149. Gamestop is also offering $300, online-only bundles which include a 3DS case and a game (either Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition or Samurai Warriors Chronicles).

More trade-in deals are under the "Read More" tag.

Amazon.com: is offering up a gift card worth offering $50 for a DS Lite, $75 for a DSi, and $100 for a DSi XL. You can use that money to pre-order anything from the retailer, not just a 3DS, which is, in a word, rad. Finally, I can trade my DS for a coffee-table book about post-surrealism!

Toys R Us is offering "up-to" $75 bucks trade-in value on a Nintendo DS, but how close to that $75 you'll get will be determined at the store, based on the condition of your machine and the model. My guess would be you'll be getting significantly less money than $75, should you stop by Toys R. On the other hand, they're offering a launch-day twofer deal:  Buy a game, get the second for half-price. Provided you can find two good games for the thing, this might be the deal to pick. (Hint: PilotWings and Zelda.)

K-Mart: K's deal might be the thing for you if you don't happen to already own a DS (or you don't want to trade it in.) They're not offering any value on trade-ins, but they are offering $25 off the price of a Nintendo 3DS launch title.

Target:Target's trade-in gaming partner, NextWorth, is currently offering $20 for a DS, $30 for a DS Lite, $45 for a DSi and $60 for a DS XL. Of course, all this is contingent somewhat on the quality and wear of the unit. Don't be bringing in a DS with a cracked apart hinge and expecting full value.

Have you guys heard of any deals I've missed? If so, let me know in our comment section below.

Nintendo DS Trade-In Deals For 3DS: How To Get The Most For Your Nintendo DS


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