What We Learned This Week: PAX Hangover!

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Posted March 20, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Pax East 2011 Photos: The Showfloor

I promised you last weekend that this week would feature a ton of PAX East 2011 content, and I wasn't telling tales. The Penny Arcade Expo went down a week ago, and we've spent the last seven days working our fingers to the proverbial bone to churn out a ton of videos, previews, interviews and a whole lot more. It was a true labor of love, of course. PAX East was amazing. Check out the PAX Site to see what I mean.

Here's our slate of excellent web shows for your watching enjoyment:

  • Feedback: Feedback was on location with a special guest: Bioshock's Ken Levine!
  • The MMO Report: Casey takes a look at Guild Wars 2's casting professions.
  • Sessler's Soapbox: Adam Sessler talks about how Bioshock's world is one he wants to save. 
  • Fresh Ink: Blair Butler's review of Punisher is anything but a punishement. BB also checks out Jennifer Blood, Wulf, The Invincible Iron Man, Northlanders, Wolfskin, Thunder Agents, Fear Itself Prologue: Book of the Skull, and Carbon Grey.

And now the news...



  • Check out the Pitch Your Game Idea panel at PAX East 2011!
  • Bethesda has officially announced Prey 2.
  • Check out the Women in Gaming panel at PAX East 2011.
  • Batman: Arkham City will be out in stores on October 18.
  • Major video game companies like Square Enix are helping to conserve energy.
  • Want to know what video game legal issues still concern the experts? Check out what they said at PAX.
  • According to tweets from the company, Nintendo's factory was not damaged in earthquake.
  • Minecraft is bringing us all closer together as gamers. But how is that happening? Find out from this PAX East panel.
  • Pax East beat all previous attendance records for the Con.
  • Tribes: Ascend has been announced by Hi-Rez Studios.
  • BioShock 2 for the PC is getting free DLC today.
  • According to the head of the company that makes Angry Birds, console games are dying.
  • Get ready to hear Tetris, Mega Man, Asteroids and more like you've never heard it before.
  • StarCraft 2 and My Little Pony have somehow been mashed together into the most amazing video about intergalactic war
  • Do you prefer your games to be long, fun, or both? Find out what people think from this PAX East panel on Length vs. Mirth.


  • Watch a kitchen handstand fail and more on Around the Net!
  • Ubisoft has announced Rocksmith, a new music game.
  • Check out our review of Homefront.
  • ArenaNet answered a ton of fan questions during its Guild Wars 2 panel at PAX East. Check out our latest preview for the details.
  • Check our new releases list to find out what games are hitting your platforms of choice this week.
  • This gameplay video for Brink will blow your puny mind apart.
  • We spoke to Kaos Studios' Tae Kim about the "yellow peril" in Homefront. Find out what he has to say, and how the game addresses it.
  • Check out our first preview of Call of Juarez: The Cartel and find out exactly how bloody this game can be.
  • Capcom is donating 100 million yen to help victims of the earthquake that hit the Tohoku
  • Mass Effect 2's facebook page is teasing upcoming DLC Arrival with new screenshots.
  • Blizzard is toying with the idea of putting Diablo 3 on consoles as well as on PC.
  • The first-ever trailer for Prey 2 will be on X-Play tonight.
  • Batman: Arkham City's campaign will take eight hours to finish if you're a ninja according to Rocksteady's Dax Ginn.
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC Reverie will be released on the Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation Network on March 30.
  • Check out the audio from the PAX East StarCraft 2 podcast panel: State of the Game Live.
  • Inspired by all the in-depth discussion at PAX East, Adam takes a moment to talk about how important world building is in video games
  • "Mario" is a SXSX short film that documents the life a of a plumber named Mario
  • We take a close look at the iPad 2!
  • Nintendo was nice enough to send us a console early so we can make sure to provide you with all the 3DS content you crave.
  • Prey 2 has officially been announced and X-Play has an exclusive live-action trailer to prove it.



  • Mass Effect 2 took home the best game award at the BAFTA Awards.
  • Check out this video where the attendees at PAX give their best game ideas.
  • California Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle. Berle ruled that Activision provided enough evidence to allow its $400 million lawsuit a
  • We previewed Faxion at PAX East, the new free-to-play MMO that pits angels against devils.
  • A magistrate has decided Sony can subpoena PayPal to access George Hotz
  • Peter Molyneux, the main-boss at Lionhead Studios, has admitted to making up game features
  • G4 staff talk about video games where you can get virtually drunk on St. Patrick's Day.
  • Casey lists Guild Wars 2's crafting professions, explains how you can start your Star Wars: The Old Republic guild early, and reads s
  • We haven't seen a Mario game from the first person perspective
  • Dino D-Day is now available for pre-order.
  • It suggests the NGP will either cost $250 or $350 depending on the model you buy.
  • Actress Jeri "Seven of Nine" Ryan has been confirmed for Mortal Kombat Web series.
  • Mass Effect 2's facebook has uploaded another screenshot from Arrival.
  • Open worlds are nothing new, but now indie games are getting in on the action. Check out these open world indie titles that you can p
  • FEAR 3 made an appearance at PAX East 2011.


What We Learned This Week: PAX Hangover!


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