Happy St. Patrick's Day - Getting Drunk in Video Games


Posted March 17, 2011 - By Brian Phan

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Getting Drunk in Video GamesHappy St. Patrick's Day! Top o' the morning to you all! Instead of writing an in-depth article about the connection of St. Patrick's Day and video games. We decided, just this morning, to talk about video games where you can get drunk. So bask in drunken glory with the below list of alkie-friendly video games.

Disclaimer: G4 does not promote the consumption of alcohol or suggest getting drunk. Remember to always drink in moderation. (hic!)

Fallout 3/ Fallout: New Vegas

The wasteland is a terrible place to live. That might be why you can easily find beer, wine, and whisky scattered throughout the wasteland.  After a long day of hunting Radscorpions and Yao Guai, there's nothing better than wetting your whistle at a local bar or one of the many casinos on the New Vegas strip. Just remember to take some Rad-Away beforehand. You don't want to get radiation and alcohol poisoning at the same time.

World of Warcraft

There's nothing more fun than knocking back a few drinks with your guild mates. In WOW you can go from tipsy to drunk to full on "totally smashed". WOW even goes so far as to add slurred speech to your character and changes your characters direction while you are drunk. Drinking is all in good fun on St. Patrick's Day, so don't forget to have a few drinks when you are playing WOW today.

Grand Theft Auto 4

After a hard day of stealing cars, punching hookers and distributing narcotics, Niko Bellic's favorite thing to do is to hit up his local Irish Pub and hoist a few brews. You can often find Niko having drinks with members of the McReary clan, of course. One suggestion while getting drunk in GTA IV. Don't play darts while drunk; it's asking for an extreme headache and hangover. 


There is nothing like a refreshing bottle of Nom Juice. In Bulletstorm you can collect these hidden bottles for two achievements, but you can also get drunk and earn yourself the Intoxicated Skillshot. Bulletstorm is practically rewarding you for getting buzzed. Your vision may get a little blurry, but you'll be earning tons of points by performing skillshots drunk.

Fable 3

You may be the prince or princess of your kingdom, but that doesn't stop you from visiting the local watering hole and having a few drinks. How else are you going to gain the support of your citizens? Be merry on St. Patricks Day and travel the towns of Albion. You'll find yourself having so much fun, you'll be doing the chicken dance.

Conker's Bad Fur Day

Conker's Bad Fur Day was one of my favorite N64 games. Why? Because, Conker would drink until his bladder was full. It wasn't uncommon for him to let loose and get a little tipsy. For that, we salute you Conker, you foul-mouthed squirrel. Today you've got a reason to order that scotch whisky. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Drink until you literally turn green.

What other games are out there that allow you to get drunk? Comment below and share some of your fun and drunk video game stories.


Happy St. Patrick's Day - Getting Drunk in Video Games


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