Mass Effect 2's Facebook Has Another Arrival Screenshot


Posted March 16, 2011 - By Nikole Zivalich

Mass Effect 2 Arrival

Mass Effect 2's facebook page has posted another screenshot from the DLC: Arrival. This is the third screenshot BioWare has teased us with. The previous two were both captioned with hints that the next picture would be posted soon, this one wasn't. If this is the last screenshot will we be getting a release date soon?

I can't tell where this is but it looks like Horizon, one of the human colonies the Collectors attacked in ME2. It's also the last place we saw Kaidan or Ashely. Lair of the Shadow Broker reacquainted us with Liara, could Arrival bring us back with the other member of our squad from Mass Effect 1?

Keep reading to see the previous screenshots.

Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC

Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC

Mass Effect 2's Facebook Has Another Arrival Screenshot


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