Rage Comic Series Announced


Posted March 11, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

Rage Comic Series Announced

It seems that upcoming id Software first person shooter RAGE will be hitting another platform besides the consoles, PC, and Mac; this time on a comic book. Whetting the appetites of the PAX East atmosphere, Publisher Bethesda Softworks made the announcement of a partnership with Dark Horse Comics to adapt the post-apocalyptic frag-fest that will serve as the spiritual successor of classics like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake. The three issue comic series will be a prequel to game's storyline in which an asteroid-devastated Earth in the near future has become a horrid wasteland under the tyrannical control of a global military dictatorship called The Authority. The game's creative director Tim Willits is on board the comic, with writer Arvid Nelson (Rex Mundi) and penciller Andrea Mutti (DMZ) in a storyline promising "a new twist" on the typical futuristic survival drama. Check out the full promotional image below.

Expect the comic to drop on June 22 in the US and UK, some three months before the game's September 13 release.

Rage Comic Series Announced

Rage Comic Series Announced