Dungeon Siege 3 Co-Op Details Revealed


Posted March 11, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

To kick off Pax East 2011, we're going to share ton of details about the co-op mode in upcoming RPG Dungeon Siege 3, and it sounds really amazing. Here's an overview of the multiplayer in video form:


Dungeon Siege 3 Co-op Gameplay Preview »


If you click the "Read More" tag, you'll find some of the most interesting new Dungeon Siege 3 co-op info in helpful, bullet-pointed form.

  • All the characters work well together. Mix 'em up for endless varieties of ways to defeat the various baddies you’ll come across in DSIII.
  • Lucas is primarily a tank, best at close combat. One of those is shield bash, which can stun enemies.
  • Anjali has two stances, one suitable for melee (human form) and another for ranged attacks (her spirit form). If Lucas stuns an enemy, Anjali can come up on the enemy/enemies and attack via melee or ranged combat.
  • You can revive fallen comrades, Left 4 Dead style. If you both (or all) die, you’ll be taken back to the last save point.
  • There are certain achievements and trophies that can only be unlocked in multiplayer mode.
  • While the host player makes all of the choices in conversations, there is a voting system where other players can mark what their votes for courses of action are. There are various achievements/trophies for going with/against the party.
  • Pressing up on the D-Pad will always help players out if they get lost, creating a breadcrumb trail to follow (can be turned off/on) so long as the quest is tracked (you can do this from the equip menu)

With the wealth of interesting, sword-and-sorcery RPGs on the horizon, is Dungeon Siege on your "gonna play" list? 

Dungeon Siege 3 Co-Op Details Revealed


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