Doom To Be Rebooted In 3D?


Posted March 9, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

Doom To Be Rebooted In 3D?

According to a new rumor, a reboot film of Id Software's seminal first person shooter Doom may soon be clawing at our faces -- In 3D. The original report from What's Playing didn't have much details, but allegedly, Universal Pictures is interested in resurrecting the film property. Apparently now in early stages of development, the film is said to completely abandon the events depicted in the notoriously-panned 2005 Doom movie, which starred Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Karl Urban. Of course, not that it matters all that much, since Doom was never exactly a property with a fertile and delicate storyline canon around which a writer needed to tip-toe. With the ultra-groundbreaking, never-before-attempted in history medium of 3D [/sarcasm], the question lingers as to whether we should expect a film that attempts to get a bit deeper than its much-maligned predecessor, or will it be another disposable experience?

In all honesty, I went into the last Doom film not expecting a masterpiece. I mean, it's fricking Doom! I wasn't really expecting Julius Caesar with grenade launchers. Yet, besides the weak storyline with oddly-veiled referenced to the game's creature characters, as well as the barely-tolerable acting, the film for the most part delivered the experience that I paid to see. -- Mindless action and demonic creatures getting blown to bits with big guns. It's not exactly a formula that required a giant lecture hall chalkboard with a team of math scholars to crack.

I'm certainly not expecting a masterpiece this time around either, but hopefully, the 3D aspect can be utilized in a way that at least makes the film memorable. This is definitely the biggest aspect in which the last film failed. In its initial blog-hype/rumor phase, that film also touted a scene which would depict a first-person shooter perspective as Karl Urban's character took things to the creature-infested fortress with guns in hands, blowing stuff up from a point of view that was very familiar to gamers. -- And when all was said and done, it lasted about a hot minute. -- Fail.

What do you think about the possibility of a Doom reboot film?

Source: What's Playing

Doom To Be Rebooted In 3D?


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