PlayStation Network Down For Maintenance


Posted March 9, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Sony Is Using Its PlayStation Network To Build A New Online ServiceDo not be alarmed: The PlayStation Network is down, but it's routine maintenance. The system will be down from Wednesday, March 9, 8:00 AM, Pacific Time Down Time until Wednesday, March 9, 7:00 PM, Pacific Time. That's a full 11 hours of no PSN for you PS3 and PSP users.

During this time you may:

  • Not be able to access the PlayStation Store
  • Have difficulty signing in to the PlayStation Network
  • Not be able to play online games
  • See a maintenance page when attempting to access the PlayStation Network

When you log into the PlayStation Network, a message may appear which states, "the PlayStation Network has been suspended".  This doesn't mean your account has been suspended; it means the PlayStation Network has been taken offline.

I'm obviously hoping the PlayStation Network will re-open with tons of amazing improvements, new content and a free latte for all users, but right now, we have no information as to what (if any) changes are on the way. So, until tonight at 7 PM, PST, go ride your bike or something.

PlayStation Network Down For Maintenance