Saints Row 3 Details Emerge -- Co-Op, Upgrades, And Nut Shots


Posted March 8, 2011 - By Nikole Zivalich

Saints Row: The Third Announced -- Elite Crime Organization At Its Finest

The first Saints Row 3 details have emerged thanks to the latest issue of Game Informer. The Third Street Saints are no longer just a loveable gang; they are now a well-known brand. I assume they have some type of merchandising deal involving action figures and squirt guns. The notoriety from their successful branding has led to a war with the legendary crime family known as "The Syndicate." Keep reading for more details.

Saints Row 3 will allow gamers to once again customize their hero. The article goes on to assure fans of the series the game won't lose the Saints Row humor from the first two games. For example, weapons will include a new feature that will enable "nut shots." The rest of your arsenal is fully upgradable. I'll give you another example: how does a triple-barreled shotgun sound?

This level of customization is prevalent throughout the game. Vehicles can be changed in appearance and function. You can even choose the way you take on a mission. The article detailed a quest to take on an enemy tower, you can either fight through the tower and claim it as your own, or simply blow it up.

Another noteworthy change to Saints Row 3 is it will not have online multiplayer. There instead will be a focus on co-op.

What other changes do you want to see in Saints Row 3?

Source: CVG

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Saints Row 3 Details Emerge -- Co-Op, Upgrades, And Nut Shots


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