OneTrueFan: Become G4tv.com's Number One Fan


Posted March 7, 2011 - By Webmaster

OneTrueFan: Become G4tv.com's Number One Fan

Depending on your browser, you may have noticed a small new graphic at the bottom of G4tv.com today - it's the beta for OneTrueFan - a new way to show your love for G4TV and find other people who are interested in the same games and stuff that you are. As with many things in life (especially on the internet), its a popularity contest. Earn points by visiting often, reading lots of articles, sharing links and driving traffic back to G4tv.com.  But fan-ship is fleeting and the points you earn disappear after 14 days, so make sure to come back and show your love regularly. We'll look to offer prizes for top fans in the future if you guys are into it.

When you register, you automatically show up in the bar on pages that you visit, with your recent shared articles showing up in your profile flyout. We hope this is a great way to discover new content by checking out the flyouts of people on the same page as you. What you share is all on you; the control is entirely up to you.

OneTrueFan G4tv.com Newshound PatchYou can also earn custom patches on G4tv.com such as Newshound (for TheFeed), Attack of the Show-er and Around the Net, as well as Thanks for Sharing, Second Base (five pages in a single visit) and Commitment (30 days in a row at G4TV.com).  As time goes on, we'll release more custom patches, these will include game and event specific patches, and limited edition patches for things like E3 live streaming, and Comic-Con. You can view your patches at OneTrueFan.com, and in the future some of these will be available as real patches that OTF will send to you so you can have mom stitch them onto your boy scout uniform/jean jacket.

If you enjoy OneTrueFan, you can install the AddOn to your browser and see people on every site you visit.  If you don't like OneTrueFan, just click the "Hide OTF permanently" option in the settings flyout and you'll never see the bar again.

As always, let us know what you think and remember that you can simply click on "Hide OTF Permanently" in the option menu on the right side of the bar if you don't like it. OneTrueFan is still in beta and is constantly improving based upon user feedback.

OneTrueFan: Become G4tv.com's Number One Fan


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