Crysis 2 Playstation 3 Multiplayer Preview, Featuring New Maps, Modes, and More


Posted March 2, 2011 - By Leah Jackson

Crysis 2

We finally got our hands on the Crysis 2 Playstation 3 multiplayer demo at GDC 2011, and it lead us on an intense thrill ride from start to finish. We got to test out new game modes such as Team Instant Action, Capture The Cell, and Assault. TheFeed's own Jake Gaskill writes:

"The third, newly revealed mode on display was Assault. In this mode, one team has only their nanosuits and pistols, while the opposing team has no suits but all the high powered weaponry they could want. Also, everyone has just one life per round, so, as you can imagine, this mode will result in many a heart-pounding match. It also is a great way to keep the game feeling fresh, without completely stripping away features simply for the sake of it. Plus, it teaches you how to maximize your nanosuit’s capabilities, a valuable skill that can then be applied to the rest of multiplayer and the single-player campaign as well."

For a more about the face-melting shooter, be sure to check out the rest of Jake's hands-on Crysis 2 preview.

Crysis 2 Playstation 3 Multiplayer Preview, Featuring New Maps, Modes, and More


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