Steam Expanding To Television Sets With New 'Big Picture' Mode


Posted February 28, 2011 - By Kevin Kelly

Steam Expanding To Television Sets, Plans To Dominate Entertainment
Valve is opening up the gaming arena past the monitors attached to your Macs and PCs, and will now be offering a "big picture" mode that "will offer controller support and navigation designed for television interaction." If you consider this against other options like OnLive, it sounds like the opening salvo in a battle for future control of the living room. Couple that with the fact that Steamworks is coming to the PlayStation 3 with Portal 2, and this is a very significant development that you'll want to pay attention to in the future.
VP of marketing Doug Lombardi said, "Our partners and customers have asked us to make Steam available in more places. With the introduction of Steam on the Mac, and soon in Portal 2 on the PS3, we've done just that. With big picture mode, gaming opportunities for Steam partners and customers become possible via PCs and Macs on any TV or computer display in the house." More details on this mode and future plans for Valve will be revealed during the Game Developer's Conference this week. Keep reading G4 throughout the week as GDC continues to unfold.
Steam Expanding To Television Sets With New 'Big Picture' Mode