Mass Effect 2's Next DLC Is "Arrival" -- BioWare Promises More Details Soon


Posted February 22, 2011 - By Nikole Zivalich

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Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2's upcoming DLC will be called Arrival. ME fans who recently downloaded an update to the PS3 version of the game noticed trophy listings for an upcoming DLC pack called "Arrival." The pack is expected to be the final piece of DLC designed to bridge the gap between Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.  One of the trophies, "Covert Action," mentions Dr. Amanda Kenson who was also mentioned in a Cerberus news update:

Historians and astronomers alike are abuzz tonight over a new paper published by Dr. Amanda Kenson of the University of Arcturus ... "Only a small fraction of the mass effect relays date back 50,000 years," she writes, "The majority are far older, indicating they were created by a species predating even the Protheans." ... What civilization could have spanned the galaxy for not thousands, but millions of years? If this were the case, we should have found mountains of evidence of their passing. Where is this species now?"

The trophies weren't supposed to be made live just yet. BioWare' Jesse Houston confirmed in the BioWare forums, "we just assumed that they would be invisible.  Lesson learned :)." Mass Effect fans are speculating on what the DLC will actually contain. Houston said in another post we'd hear more details "as soon as I get a green light from PR and Marketing I promise!"

What do you think the Arrival refers to? My money is on the first signs of Reapers on earth before the major invasion we saw in the first Mass Effect 3 teaser trailer.

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Mass Effect 2's Next DLC Is "Arrival" -- BioWare Promises More Details Soon


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