Avatar Kinect Video: See Avatar Chat In Action


Posted February 22, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

We first learned about Xbox Live's Avatar Kinect at CES this year, and the service that allows for face-to-face chat between Avatars through Kinect seemed equal parts perplexing and interesting -- a neat idea I don't think I would ever actually use because I'm way too antisocial.

Yesterday, Microsoft showed off the service, in action, for the first time at its headquarters. Check out the video:

So, there it is.  The technology seems to work -- eyebrows and lips function as you'd expect, etc... but I'm still not sold. As much as I'd love to tell bad jokes while impersonating Abraham Lincoln, I'm still in the "meh" camp because I don't have any friends I want to talk to that badly.

What about you guys? Do you like the idea of an animated avatar chats like the ones you see about?

Source: WinRumors

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Avatar Kinect Video: See Avatar Chat In Action