Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Nerdfight: Sticks Vs. Pads


Posted February 22, 2011 - By Kevin Kelly

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Nerdfight: Sticks Vs. Pads

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has finally come out, pitting player against player in a fighting game faceoff that takes button-mashing, combos, throws, juggling, and butt-kicking to a new level. But, it also goes beyond the screen, drawing a line in the sand and forcing a high-noon showdown between the true hardcore: fight sticks vs. fight pads. Forget about normal controllers, these are the true fight fans who build up calluses and get blisters on entirely new parts of their hands.

Matt "The Stick" Keil and Ernie "Mr. Pad" Moreno face off in this Nerdfight to see who comes out at the top of the heap. Will the sticks win? Or will the pads triumph? Find out, when Nerd fights Nerd. If you want to see what happened last time to geeks went at it, catch the aftermath of Leah "Zergling" Jackson vs. Nikole "Poop Shepard" Zivalich as Mass Effect 2 did battle with Starcraft 2.

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Matt: Fighting games are meant to be played with sticks. They come from the arcades, the movesets and combos are designed with sticks in mind, and you will get undeniably better performance using a quality stick like the MadCatz TE. Hell, Karate Champ had TWO sticks. Yes, sticks are expensive and specialized controllers, but if you want to play at a competitive level, you gotta cough up the dough or be content to eat 80-hit X-factor hyper combo finishes all day.

Ernie: That’s such an old school way of thinking of things! Yes, arcade sticks are from arcades, duh. But for those of us who grew up console gaming as opposed to in the arcades, the gamepad is just as old school as any arcade stick. At EVO last year, Vangief proved to the whole world that pad players are awesome. He laid down some serious skills with Zangief. I mean, he knocked Justin Wong out of the winners bracket for crying out loud. If you think that pads aren't exactly as good as sticks, that is just ignorant and you’ll get your ass handed to you by a serious pad player.

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Matt: I’ve seen Vangief play many times, and you, sir, are no Vangief. There’s a reason Vangief is considered such an impressive oddity in the tournament world, and it’s that he can compete at that level as a pad player. Is it possible to function adequately as a fighting game player with a pad? Sure. But why up the difficulty curve more than you have to by picking the more difficult control method? You’ve got your work cut out for you as it is.

Ernie: First off you’re WRONG. Second of all, one of the big advantages of using a pad is being sneaky. When you hear someone cranking on their stick, it’s super loud, which can tip off the other player to your strategy. On a pad all of your movements are silent, so listening to your opponent becomes useless. Not to mention I really doubt any pad players would consider their pad a disadvantage, especially after giving a stick player a serious beat down.

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Matt: That’s probably true, but no one has ever found one in that situation to be able to ask them about it. Your comments about noise level are valid ones, unless of course you’re using the official Marvel Versus Fighting Pad, which clicks like a bowlful of Rice Krispies with every move you make. Apparently that’s not a priority for the pad makers, despite your claim of how much of an advantage it is. Interesting. As much as I would prefer everyone to use sticks, so we proper players don’t have to wait around for the pad players to redo their buttons every other match, I will encourage you to go with the pad in the end. That way you have a handy explanation for your losses that doesn’t relate to your ability level.

Ernie: You know what’s interesting? How blind you are. Just because one company makes a pad doesn’t mean it’s the best. Besides there are dozens of fight sticks out there that are terrible. They sound like a car stuck in first gear and feel like all of the buttons have been dipped in molasses. I find that given a variety of controllers, players will come up with new and interesting ways of playing the same game. I know you like everyone to fit into the same nice little category and its hard for you to differ from what has been established. I’m sure if it was up to you we would all be playing on the same stick with the same player and using all the same moves. Conform much?

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Matt: As long as the “You Win” screen comes up in my favor, I’m not too concerned about my originality factor. You are well aware of this fact, having been repeatedly crushed by the same combos over and over. Repetition tends to carry two things with it: Humor and victory. In a game like MvC3, where just about anyone can learn how a big combo is done, execution is king, and being able to flawlessly repeat the same motions accurately is what will win matches. If the fun of the game for you is in hoping pad buttons built by the lowest bidder will respond correctly and trying to wavedash without error while still holding the controller aloft, more power to you. I would simply advise you to, for the sake of what passes for your win percentage, avoid those of us who intend to play the game against our opponents rather than our choice of control device. We’re the ones with arcade sticks.

Ernie: Yes arcade sticks, arcade sticks that you can stick up your ass. Execution doesn’t discriminate like SOME people. All of these combos can be executed perfectly on pads, so while you’re trying to balance that huge stick on your lap, I’ll be just fine holding my controller in my hands. While you’re busy checking your buttons before every single match, I'll be waiting and waiting and waiting for the match to start. Oh, and don’t worry about originality, I’m sure when you’re being beat by the same combo over and over again you wont need any original strategies to get out of it. Forget trying to think outside your little box: it’s scary out there there. Stay inside. Stay inside and watch my win percentage go up, because some of us would rather take a little risk and try something new. Evolve dude.

So, who do you guys think won this important debate?

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Nerdfight: Sticks Vs. Pads


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