Call Of Juarez: The Cartel Controvery: A Bit Early, Isn't It?


Posted February 17, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Call of Juarez: Cartels Announced

Call of Juarez: The Cartel was only announced last week, and the only publicly available info on the game is a name, the box cover art above, and Ubisoft's short description:

"You'll embark on a bloody road trip from Los Angeles to Juarez, Mexico immersing yourself in a gritty plot with interesting characters and a wide variety of game play options. Take justice into your own hands in this modern Western shooter."

This, apparently, is enough to start a controversy.

Brownsville, Texas Police Chief Carlos Garcia and Cameron County, Tex. Sheriff Omar Lucio both have problems with the game (or, more accurately, their idea of what the game will be)  "Unfortunately there are companies that are looking to capitalize on the violent situation in Mexico which has had a very negative impact on the country," Garcia told The Brownsville Herald.

“It doesn’t matter if it deals with the cartel in Juarez, the Gulf Cartel or the Sinaloa Cartel. It is simply not something that is appropriate for our youth,” the chief said. “This leaves lasting images and ideas in teenagers who get caught up in the game and may try to make it a reality and live the violent lifestyle they see in these games.”

Sure, that's a logical conclusion. If we see it in games we'll do it -- Just like car thefts went through the roof after GTA was released (they didn't), or just like an entire generation of Pac-Man players spent the 90s running around in dark rooms, listening to electronic music and gobbling pills (well, they got us there, I guess.)

"The title itself leads one to believe that the game deals with narcotic trafficking organizations," Lucio said. "Games like these create a false idea in the minds of teenagers who are still developing and may grow up and want to imitate these characters. Sadly enough these kind of games are protected by freedom of speech, but the violence that comes from cartels is not a game and it affects us all."

Yeah, it's really sad how works of art are protected by the Constitution. Jeez, Texas cops, go back to 5th grade civics class, please.

Source: Brownsville Herald

Call Of Juarez: The Cartel Controvery: A Bit Early, Isn't It?


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