Dead Island Trailer Amazes Everyone On Earth


Posted February 17, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

The Dead Island trailer is the best trailer I have ever seen in my life. The best video game trailer. The best movie trailer. The best anything trailer:

Dead Island Cinematic Trailer »

The game is a bit of a mystery, but here's what we know: Dead Island is in development at Techland (makers of excellent Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood) and will be published by Deep Silver. It is set on an island (duh) and is an open-world, survival-horror game with a first-person perspective, but the idea is to focus on melee combat and RPG elements and it will feature a clear focus on story-telling as well as four-player, drop-in, drop-out combat.

The game has been kicking around since at least 2007. Back in 2009, we spoke to Techland brand manager Blazej Krakowiak who told us: "I can understand how impatient our fans must be to see more news and assets from Dead Island. Unfortunately our agreement with the game’s worldwide publisher imposed a media silence on us. All we are allowed to say is that the game is in development and doing great and that all future updates regarding the game will come directly from the publisher."

It's scheduled for a 2011 release on the PS3, 360 and PC.

Also: Whoever made this trailer deserves a raise.

Dead Island Trailer Amazes Everyone On Earth