Madden NFL 12 Details Revealed: Surprise Onside Kicks


Posted February 7, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Madden NFL 2011: Are You Ready For Some Football?

Consider this the death-spasm for the 2010-2011 football season: The first details of Madden 2012 were revealed yesterday during the big game's half-time show.

Wanna know the very first feature EA is revealing about the game? It's surprise onside kicks! Look:

That's not exactly the most earth-shattering revelation ever made, but it's news for football wonks. Honestly, it sounds like a pretty annoying feature if you play online -- I could see an overuse of this option as a major griefing/cheesing tactic. It will have to be very difficult to pull off in order to "work." Let's hope the Madden team balances this out correctly.

More Madden 2012 details are under the cut.

The second detail revealed is a little more technical, so I'll leave it to the official blog to describe the wonders of "tuner sets" in Madden 2012.

"Tuner Sets", introduced in the NHL series and brought into NCAA Football last year, are hugely important to the development of sports games in that they allow us to tune and tweak many existing parts of game code without the major delay that comes from a full title update requiring 1st party console manufacturer approvals. A quick addition to my hacked surprise onside kick code made this feature easily tunable post-ship, and thus much safer against any exploits that may crop up. This isn't the only thing in the tuner sets obviously...we are in the process of moving as many items into these as possible, from gameplay tuning to franchise data to even presentation aspects. We are excited to the possibilities this will open up to our fans in being able to provide live feedback and having us act on it in near real-time. The days of shipping a disc in a box and forgetting about it are long gone, and we want to be at the forefront of blazing new trails in reacting to our audience and improving the game quickly."

Since the new features in the next Madden are likely going to be revealed in dribs and drabs between now and the expected November August release, now is the time to name the features you'd most like to see in the game. Personally, I want the option of a Black Eyed Peas Half-Time show!

Source: Madden NFL Blog

Madden NFL 12 Details Revealed: Surprise Onside Kicks


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