Black Ops: First Strike Guides / Walkthroughs Give You More Call of Duty


Posted February 3, 2011 - By Kevin Kelly

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Black Ops: First Strike Guides / Walkthroughs Give You More Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Black Ops now has their first DLC release with First Strike, and you're going to need guides and walkthroughs to get you through. But fear not, zombies couldn't keep us away from giving you the intel you need to conduct strategic operations inside the new maps that you'll be fragging in when you load this up.

While you're on your own as far as the new Ascension zombie level goes (hint: turn the power on quick, and watch out for deadly space zombie monkeys), we've got your back on Berlin Wall, Discovery, Kowloon, and Stadium. There's a map in this pack for everyone, and head on down beyond the break to watch the video guides for each map. Watch, learn, destroy. That's our motto.

Berlin Wall Map Guide - Black Ops First Strike Walkthrough »

  • Berlin Wall: Watch out for the neutral zone, because the manned turrets will cut you in half. Keep moving between the upper and lower levels of the stores and offices. The middle walkway across the zone is a deathtrap, but people seem to love trying. Concentrate sniper fire from the blown out brick wall overlooking the neutral zone, or find a good building to hole up in with a teammate or two.


Discovery Map Guide - Black Ops First Strike Walkthrough »

  • Discovery: Love ice and snow? Then you're love Discovery, which he the gorgeous aurora borealis shining overhead. And look! They actually move? Gaze at them long enough and you'll get killed. This is a perfect map for sniping, and has tons of paths around and under the map. There's a long metal gantry linking the two starting areas, a bridge, ice shelves, an ice cave, and semi-secret path that heads underneath. Watch out for the deep crevasses that are easy to fall into, and keep your head down.


Kowloon Map Guide - Black Ops First Strike Walkthrough »

  • Kowloon: Stormy weather darkens the skies and builds atmospheric gloom as you run around in a shantytown built on the top of a skyscraper in Kowloon. This structure nearly scrapes the clouds and you'll see a 747 graze the level during the loadscreen. The map is a fairly symmetrical square, with multiple ramps, walkways, and stairways around the edges. Watch out for the ziplines on the map, marked by a dotted yellow line, that allows you to quickly move from one side of the map to another. But beware, you'll be a sitting duck while you're zipping.


Stadium Map Guide - Black Ops First Strike Walkthrough »

  • Stadium: Black Ops comes to the United States! Well, sort of. You're not duking it out in a neighborhood or popping caps at each other on the roof of an office building (again). Instead, you're confined to to the front part of a minor league hockey team's training facility and rink. It's not the best designed map (from an urban planning standpoint), but it does provide fast-paced gameplay with an environment that mixes it up. There are a couple of good sniping spots (the plywood nest in front of the rink and the balcony over one of the offices), but the rest of this map is run and gun. Sadly, you can't access the ice or the zambonis parked there. 





Black Ops: First Strike Guides / Walkthroughs Give You More Call of Duty


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