Nintendo Profits Down 46 Percent


Posted January 27, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Nintendo Talks Wii Zelda, The Existence Of Wii HD And Modern Warfare 2

Nintendo reported a 46 percent drop in quarterly profits this morning, attributing the fall on a decline in sales of the Nintendo DS. Basically, fewer people are buying the DS because everyone knows the 3DS is going to hit the market soon.

The bad news keeps coming, though: Nintendo adjusted predicted sales downward. Nintendo predicts the Wii console will sell 16 million units for the year to March, where previous predictions were for sales of 17.5 million units  It also lowered its DS sales predictions to 22.5 million units from 23.5 million.

Last night in Tokyo, Sony (finally) announced their follow-up to the PSP, a very powerful handheld console.  Although the drop in Nintendo's numbers are not related, it is interesting/unfortunate timing. Although we don't have a release date for the Sony NGP (New Generation Portable), next holiday season will see the two competing handhelds going head to head on the store shelves.

Personally, I plan on picking them both up, but if I had to choose, I'd pick Sony's NGP. What about you guys?

 Source: Yahoo

Nintendo Profits Down 46 Percent


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