Wonder Woman Pilot To Be Directed By McG?


Posted January 26, 2011 - By Joseph Baxter

Wonder Woman Pilot To Be Directed By McG?

Will Wonder Woman be spinning away to her new TV series with McG at the helm? TV Line's Michael Ausiello is reporting that the project, produced and pitched by David E. Kelley, does indeed have its sights set on the high-profile director/producer to tackle the pilot for NBC. Known as director of the Charlie's Angels films, 2009's Terminator Salvation, and the upcoming Ouija board project (???), McG's work in television as executive producer of shows like Supernatural, Human Target, Nikita, and Chuck have earned him a resume with enough femme fatale cred that puts him at the front of the line of hopefuls for the Wonder Woman reboot pilot. Despite the mixed feelings some might get from the mention of McG, the prospect of his involvement in the critical first episode may possibly change how this series is perceived. What will we get?

With the guru of lighthearted legal drama, David E. Kelley's name initially attached to the project, the immediate assumption was that it would follow more of an irreverent tone, focusing more on how being Wonder Woman would affect the love life of her alter-ego Diana and "life as a modern woman" more so than about bringing a comic book hero to life on the small screen. In fact, possibly because of that perception, it seemed that no one wanted to touch the DC Comic project with a ten-foot pole, especially its once-rumored home, ABC, which would have been problematic since its relationship with rival Marvel Comics comes in the form of them both being owned by Disney. Thus, reports were coming in that the project had been embarrassingly shot-down. However, Kelley still had hopes of keeping the project alive, and eventually, the journey brought him back to NBC, who had initially passed on the project due to a late start in the script and what was referred to as "executive reshuffling." With its prospects now revived at the Peacock with an official greenlight, the big concern is how the show will now take shape.

The show is being described as depicting Diana Prince as a successful corporate executive, who also happens to balance that high-demanding job by roaming the streets of Los Angeles as an ass-beating, truth-lassoing vigilante. (While wearing a sexy red and gold bikini, I presume?) The possible procurement of McG could fit in well with the semi-serious tone that David E. Kelley brings to his characters, which can sometimes try too hard to flaunt their status as "modern" to the point of caricature. The shows that McG overlook, do manage to successfully balance timely humor with the necessary serious steps of moving forward with the underlying storyline. It just may be what the show needs to combat the campiness that would undoubtedly make itself present if it leans too far in the "Diana is a successful modern woman that has an office with a big window: Be in awe of her or she'll kick your ass" premise.

How is the Wonder Woman reboot sounding to you? Do you think McG would help the show's prospects?

Source: TV Line

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Wonder Woman Pilot To Be Directed By McG?


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