Killzone 3 Invades PlayStation Home With "Total Game Integration"


Posted January 24, 2011 - By Jake Gaskill

Killzone 3 Invades PlayStation Home With Promotional Games, Exclusive Avatar Items

Frequent PlayStation Home users will be in for a little surprise later this week as those evil, red-eyed Helghast brutes from Guerilla Games’ Killzone series invade Sony’s online community as part of a big promotional push for the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive Killzone 3.

When users log into Home starting January 27, they’ll notice something rather peculiar: the Home Central Plaza will be lying in ruin, the result of a devastating Helghast attack. Home users will then be able to participate in Central Plaza Defender, a last stand-style FPS in which players will have to defend against the invading Helghast forces. Completing the game’s three levels will earn players Unlock Points for user in Killzone 3 multiplayer to unlock weapons and skills.

VIDEO: Killzone 3 Multiplayer Beta Trailer

Users will also be able to pre-order Killzone 3 from within Home, and earn their Home avatars an exclusive Helghan jet pack outfit, the Unlock and Load Pack (includes three K3 Unlock Points), and the Retro Map Pack (includes two of Killzone 2’s most popular multiplayer maps) in the process.

I kind of dig this sort of promo campaign. Sure it feels a little like playing with an advertisement, but the idea of Home being used as a platform for this “Total Game Integration” is rather clever, and you can carry over experience into the actually game, which is always appreciated. Don’t you think?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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Killzone 3 Invades PlayStation Home With "Total Game Integration"


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