Dead Space: Aftermath Writer Brandon Auman Interview


Posted January 21, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Dead Space: Aftermath Writer Brandon Auman Interview

Nowadays, you can't have just a game or a movie -- you need to have a fully realized alternative universe with its own mythology and stories to support the main source material. People just love their extras, webisodes and other ancillary material! Dead Space Aftermath is a prime example. Electronic Arts is expanding the world of Dead Space by releasing an animated anthology that takes place between the two games, and fills in some of the gory details. If you're a true Dead Space fan, you'll need to see this full-length film when it comes out on January 25.

Our internet pals over at FEARnet sat down with Aftermath's writer Brandon Auman, and got all the details on the movie, including a look at the different styles employed in the different animated segments that make up Aftermath.

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"We all knew early on that we’d break the movie up into five distinct styles," Auman says, "On one hand, I think it’s far more entertaining and interesting, to reinterpret Dead Space in different styles within a single film. The Matrix anime did that, so did Batman [Gotham Knight] and a few others… On the other hand, it’s also a time factor. It saves a lot of time – and it’s more economical – than giving the entire project to one studio. But I think it works well with Aftermath; each segment is a reflection of a character’s memory, so the different style changes represent that."

Check out the entire interview, where Auman goes in depth about Dead Space: Aftermath, his favorite horror movies, horror games and a lot more. Oh, and check out the trailer:

Source: FEARnet

Dead Space: Aftermath Writer Brandon Auman Interview