WWE All-Stars: Oldies vs. Goodies


Posted January 19, 2011 - By MonfetteG4


THQ recently allowed a number of gamers to jump into the squared circle with the upcoming WWE All-Stars, pitting some of the sport's most notable legends against today's heavy hitters. We picked up the controller and found ourselves instantly sucked into this stylized, fast-paced brawler. Here's a few of our early thoughts...

"Each wrestler has a peel-away, four-layer health meter and an energy bar to power your super-moves that fills faster the more creative and varied your attacks. Once you’ve reduced your opponent to a flashing red mass on the screen, it’s time to execute your signature finishing move, a bone-crushing, high-impact hit that should ready your enemy for the pin. But beware the mini-games in WWE All-Stars. Everything can be countered and re-countered with quick button presses and timed bumper taps, elevating the suspense and necessary skill as the matches progress."

Pin us down, count to three, and check out our WWE All-Stars Preview...

WWE All-Stars: Oldies vs. Goodies


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