PS3 Hack Instantly Unlocks Trophies In Select Titles


Posted January 17, 2011 - By Jake Gaskill

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PS3 Hack Instantly Unlocks Trophies

PlayStation 3 owners with jailbroken consoles now have a much more convenient and less time consuming way to unlock trophies in some of their favorite PS3 titles, thanks to a newly released homebrew application that recently popped up online.

According to CVG, the application lets users instantly unlock every trophy in select games. Sony issued a statement saying that it is aware of the issue and will fix it through “network updates,” but it didn’t offer any specifics beyond that.

It’s unclear at this point how many games are susceptible to the application, but allegedly Batman: Arkham Asylum and Resident Evil 5 have protections in place to keep the Trophies safe. It also isn’t known if the “unlocked” Trophies have been able to be synched on the PlayStation Network.

Cheating the system to unlock Trophies is definitely lame, but I wonder how many gamers will truly feel outraged or incensed over this. I can’t help but thinking about Matthew McConaughey’s closing speech in A Time to Kill. “…Now imagine they’re Achievements.”

Source: CVG

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PS3 Hack Instantly Unlocks Trophies In Select Titles