A Geek's Guide to Fashion: Tips and Trends for Nerd Fashion with MyStyle Expert Sydne Summer


Posted January 14, 2011 - By Dana Leahy

A Geek's Guide to Fashion: Tips and Trends for Nerd Fashion with MyStyle's Expert Sydne SummerIt’s 2011 and there’s no better time than the new year to reevaluate your entire life, including how you dress. As geeks, sometimes it’s hard to look stylish and represent your roots at the same time. It’s easy to fall into the trap of free t-shirts and ripped jeans, but now it’s time to look more like a productive member of society and that’s where we come in.

We talked to MyStyle Editor Sydne Summer and asked her for advice about how you can look stylish without sacrificing your inner geek. Take a look at these geek fashion tips and trends for 2011!

G4: What are some current trends in men’s fashion?

Sydne Summer: This year, men's fashion followed in a similar path as women's: plaid, leather and military were huge on the runway.

G4: Most geeks are a little broke, are there any tips for extending their fashion dollar?

Sydne Summer: Try shopping at vintage or thrift stores. Retro clothing is making a huge comeback and you can get really cool button-downs, jeans and jackets for cheap. Just make sure you wash the clothing before wearing them. Some stores can leave a musty scent on clothing and it's not attractive.

A Geek's Guide to Fashion: Tips and Trends for Nerd Fashion with MyStyle's Expert Sydne Summer

(Military Trends Left: Overdyed Military Jacket from Express $148; Middle: Wash Dry Goods Commando Jacket from Urban Outfitters $72; Right: Standard Cloth Menswear Military Bomber Jacket from Urban Outfitters $98)

G4: What are the best outfits for the following shapes: tall and lanky, short in stature, and plus sized?

Tall & Lanky: Break up the body by wearing a different color on top than on bottom. Prints on shirts and sweaters are also great for skinny guys. And make sure your clothing is slim, not too tight, not baggy, just fitted to your body.

Short: The best trick to look taller is to wear monochromatic colors. Translation? Wear one color head to toe. For example, you can do a black blazer with a black button-up and black slacks. For a more casual look, try a navy sweater with dark jeans. Vertical pinstripes also give the illusion of height. And trade your sneakers for boots to take advantage of that extra inch you get from a slight heel.

Plus Sized: The most important thing to remember is baggy is a major no. You may think that wearing oversize clothing will hide your weight. But it actually does the opposite. Dark is always more slimming. And whatever you do, skip pants with any type of pleating.

A Geek's Guide to Fashion: Tips and Trends for Nerd Fashion with MyStyle's Expert Sydne Summer

(Pants Left: Volcom Frickin Chino Pants from Norstrom $45; Middle: Unbranded Indigo Slim Straight Selvedge Denim Jean from Urban Outfitters $78; Right: Authentic Fit Jeans from Gap $54.50)

G4: What are absolute no-no's for dressing? What should you never wear?

Sandals on a date are the worst. Women do not like seeing men's feet. Leave the leather pants to women and rockstars. Not even Brad Pitt could pull them off. And speaking of pants, women don't want to see your boxers. So if they're too baggy toss them. And if they're too tight give them to your little brother. Women don't want men's pants to be tighter than theirs. And please don't wear sunglasses at night.

G4: Geeks like t-shirts. There are a lot of hip ones out there, but what is a good way to dress up a t-shirt?

Try the Hollywood uniform: A blazer, t-shirt, dark jeans and black shoes. It's simple, sexy and pretty hard to mess up.

A Geek's Guide to Fashion: Tips and Trends for Nerd Fashion with MyStyle's Expert Sydne Summer

(Tops Left: Press For Urban Outfitters Shetland Wool Crew-Neck Sweater from Urban Outfitters $78; Middle: Oversized Plaid Shirt from Gap $49.50; Right: Heritage Two-Pocket Military Half-Zip from Banana Republic $89.50)

G4: What pieces of clothing should you spend money on? What are the staples of every good male wardrobe?

Invest in classic  "James" staples: a leather jacket (think James Dean) and a classic black blazer (think James Bond). These pieces will last you year after year and can make even that ratty t-shirt from college look polished. I also recommend getting fitted for jeans. Once you find the perfect pair buy it in two different washes.

A Geek's Guide to Fashion: Tips and Trends for Nerd Fashion with MyStyle's Expert Sydne Summer

(Jackets Left: Leather Four-Pocket Jacket from Banana Republic $398.00; Middle: Heritage Italian Wool Twill Three-Button Blazer from Banana Republic $279.99; Right: Leather Moto Jacket from Gap $328)

G4: Is cologne important? Any tips for picking the right one and wearing it?

Cologne is not a must. There's something sexy about a man's fresh scent when he gets out the shower. But if you do want  to wear cologne, make sure you try it on your skin, not just the paper they hand out at department stores. And a few spritzes go a long way. Don't overdo it.

So, those are some tips to get you started on the road to being a fashion pro. In my opinion as a full-time woman, I can't stress enough how awesome it is when a guy looks put together and I think Sydne's tips are incredibly insightful and easy enough for everyone to follow. Be sure to read more of her stuff on MyStyle to really round out your fashion knowledge.

Here's a Bio on our MyStyle expert Sydne Summer:

Sydne Summer is a Los Angeles-based fashion editor, blogger and TV fashion commentator.

Sydne was born and raised in Miami, Florida, before moving to California. It was the East Coast, however, where she launched her editorial career (and expanded her winter wardrobe), penning a how-to column for the Tufts newspaper and working for Boston Magazine Publications. Back in L.A., as E! Online’s Hollywood Party Girl columnist, Sydne transformed the weekly column into a daily blog and hosted her own radio show.

She then swapped her party shoes for Jimmy Choos and headed over to the Style Network’s website, Mystyle.com. As the site’s Style Expert, Sydne deconstructs celebrity style, interviews style icons and advises real women on how to achieve runway and red carpet looks on a budget. She also hosts two web series, showing how to incorporate the latest trends into your wardrobe.

In 2009, Sydne launched her own blog, ThinkThruFashion. The site provides how-to solutions, trendy spotting,  wardrobe solutions, styling advice and pictorial inspiration of clothes on real people.

Sydne appears as a style expert on E!, Style Network specials, Fandango and still contributes to E! Online. She currently lives in West Hollywood with her very chic rescue dog, Bunny.

A Geek's Guide to Fashion: Tips and Trends for Nerd Fashion with MyStyle Expert Sydne Summer


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