Why Nintendogs Now Has Cats


Posted January 11, 2011 - By Stephen Johnson

Why Nintendogs Now Has CatsThe next iteration of Nintendogs, the one for the 3DS, will feature cats. Nintendogs and Cats will most likely be released some time this year for Nintendo's handheld, 3D system. You might be wondering why the company decided to add feline animals to their already successful series. The answer is simple. According to Nintendo's Hideki Konno at a Japanese press event:

"During development of 3DS Nintendogs, Shigeru Miyamoto got a cat."

I love the way Nintendo's master game-designers life plays into his game making. If Miyamoto gets a cat, it's integrated into Nintendogs. If he learns an instrument, we get Wii Music a few months later. I wish Miyamoto would take up paintball so we would have a decent Wii shooter!

Alos: I like that there are cats in Nintendogs because cats rule.

There are two kinds of people in the world: Dog people and Cat people. I'm a cat person. Dogs are lovable and always up for adventure. They spend their whole lives trying to please you and waiting for scraps to fall on the floor so they don't starve. Cats, though, don't care about you. They use you for the food you give them and a warm place to sleep, but they'd be okay without you. They'd eat grasshoppers and mice and drink fetid water out of an old hubcap if you weren't around. Cats don't live to please you. They live to kill things, slink around menacingly and fight other cats. Dogs are dopey and cats are badass.

Source: AndriaSang

Why Nintendogs Now Has Cats


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