CES 2011: Taking the Turtle Beach PX5 For a Spin


Posted January 7, 2011 - By MonfetteG4

CES 2011: Taking the Turtle Beach PX5 For a Spin

The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show rages on with even more tech, gadgets and booth babes than ever before. We’ve had the chance to check out a number of the products on display, and this morning we dropped by to see the folks at Turtle Beach about their latest product announcement, the PX5 wireless headset.

Designed for both the hardcore online multiplayer enthusiast and the casual gamer who’s wife won’t stop telling at him to turn down the damn surround sound, the PX5 is designed specifically with the PS3 in mind. Certainly, Turtle Beach already has a number of first-rate solutions for the Xbox gamer, but it’s time that the PS3 player saw the love. That said, the headset is compatible with both platforms, and we were able to give it a test run during a game of Halo: Reach and really scrutinize some of its more high-value features.

The PX5 sports Dolby 7.1 surround sound and is fully Bluetooth compatible to synch up directly with your PS3…and even your cell phone. Incoming phone calls, or media streaming through apps like Pandora, can be pumped into your headphones, volume-controlled and masked so that your friends online can’t hear a thing. The headset comes with 18 highly nuanced presets for the audio enthusiast, allowing gamers to cycle through options that’ll cater to the run-and-gun action or simply amplify the sound of footsteps if you need to know where your nearby enemies are lurking. Further, gamers can plug the headset into their computer for a fully controllable user interface to mix, create and eventually share their own personalized pre-set levels with the online community.

CES 2011: Taking the Turtle Beach PX5 For a Spin

Other features include voice morphing – for when you want to sound like an online serial killer – as well as chat boost (which automatically adjusts the chat volume when the game gets loud), sonic silencers which reduce the noise coming into your microphone (and also eliminates the sounds coming through your teammates’ as well) and interactive voice prompts that’ll tell you the status of your settings, battery life, etc. And not only that, but the lightweight design and sleek presentation make it a stylish addition to your peripheral collection.

During our game of Halo: Reach, we found the PX5 to be particularly impressive. One pre-set simply highlighted the sounds of war while another allowed us to focus in on the far-off sounds of gunfire, their directionality, and even hear the clink of shell casings on the ground. The 7.1 worked wonderfully, and while there was a little bit of interference in the headset, we’re hardly worried given the thousands of wireless devices sending out signals all around us at CES. No doubt, the product in your living room will not only sound amazing, but feel both light and comfortable on your head and around your ears.

For more on Turtle Beach's other products, check out our previous coverage. The PX5 should end up in stores sometime in April 2011 for around $250. Check back with G4TV.com after we’ve had the chance to take these babies out for a test run closer to release.

CES 2011: Taking the Turtle Beach PX5 For a Spin


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